How to paint a unicycle

this is how i painted my alien backflip… thanks for watching! if you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask!

Wow, that turned out great! It looks awesome! Nice video too!

I guess this is kinda related.

:slight_smile: I got my frame painted too after a while.

What about a clear protective coat?

thanks!! haha i thought it looked good too. :slight_smile:

DUDE. THAT UNI IS SICK!!! hahah i’m guessing you muni?

and i did kinda forget a clear protective coat… but i’m pretty sure the brand of paint i used will be just fine with out it.

Honestly i mostly do street, but more recently i’ve wanted a larger muni.

My frame has been laquered, the extra coat really keeps it durable and looking nicer too.

Powder coat it! Unless you want multiple colors. There are a lot of different colors and finishes available now and it’s a lot more durable than paint. I had mine done with the cranks for $20.

huh. i might have to do that! where did you get yours powder coated? or can you do it yourself? do you have to strip the old paint off before you powder coat it? hah

Sweet tutorial!

I painted mine the same color last year, but instead of the base coat I painted the raw metal.

It still looks awesome though :slight_smile:

I got mine done at a local place here in Columbia. Yes, you need to remove all the powder coat or paint prior to powder coating. I used aircraft paint remover I got from auto zone. The powder coater can remove it for you but it costs extra.

DUDE. i wish i knew how it would’ve turned out if i didn’t use the base color! Thats a SICK shad of purple and i love the color theme. NICE bro! haha geez!

Deep Purple. I like that color scheme as well. Looks great!

What white tire is that and is that a 20" or 24" uni?

this thread has inspired me to paint my black domina. It’s a little bland at the moment

I put up a thread by the same title sometime this past year. Without powder coating, im finding it just scratches really bad anyhow.

however, this paintjob looks great, good job!

dont paint it ride it :slight_smile:

ahh i love the black domina! wanna trade rims?? haha thats great tho! go for it! the black shows alot of scratches so maybe a lighter color would look great.

and thanks guys. but ya i guess i’ve learned alot about different ideas on how to paint a uni ie. powdercoat etc. but like the video says… this is how i painted my unicycle… so its whatever haha i’d like to powder coat my uni one day in the future but until now i think i’ll keep the purple! :slight_smile: