How to order a KH 29er...

[LEFT]…and get it FAST! :D:) :sunglasses:

Nice Uni, Terry.


Thanks, yeah I’m loving it, and even with the brake and drillium pedals installed, it still weighs a full 2 pounds less than my kh 24 MUni! Be interesting to see how it performs on technical terrain, drops, hops, and climbing, compared to my 24. :smiley:

Nice! But why does it weigh less? Have KH unis just gotten lighter over the years?

No, scales have become faster and more efficient:D.

Large Marge Rim and big DH tire :slight_smile:

Mythbusters test shows a 29er is slower than a smaller wheel! wtf? It really didn’t look like this guy-who’s apparently a pro rider-was trying all that much, especially on the home stretch. Btw, his wheel size of choice is a 26er, so I think he was probably somehwhat biased, and maybe didn’t ride as hard as he could have.

I think the only way to really get accurate results is to have MANY races between the two sizes in controlled tests. I think the 29er would win every time, at least on DH. :roll_eyes:

That may be true for a 2-wheel contraption, but a uni is a different story. With the fixed crank, a 29er uni is definitely faster than a 24.

Welcome to the world of 29er muni Terry! Since you have ridden 36 muni, 29er muni will be a snap. I fell into the whole 29er muni thing by chance. UDC had a killer sale on them about a year ago, and I bought one thinking it would tide me over on getting a 36. After a few rides on the trails, I got over the initial awkwardness and fear from riding a little higher and getting thrown a little farther on UPDs, and now I love it. I love my 24 on serious DH, but the 29 is way more fun on everything else. The more I ride, the further I push into what used to be strictly “24” territory. Enjoy!

I assume the Drilliums are extra grippy. I like my cheapo DX pedals with my 5-10s, but I keep bashing more pins out of them. Do you have that problem with the Drilliums?

Probably not, as the “Stig” routine is a spoof of the British car show Top Gear, and that video is made for comedy/entertainment only.

I’ve ridden both 26" and 29" MTB’s and I really don’t think there is an across the board winner. 29ers tend to be a little smoother over washboard type terrain and perhaps more efficient during steady pace endurance rides, while 26ers can be a bit more nimble when pumping the trail or doing quick braking and then accelerating. Preferences will come from rider size, style, and local terrain.

Nice one Terry :slight_smile: Love the pedals.

I have a bit of a Love-Hate relationship with my 29’er, partly due to the narrower rim (older KH) which ends up causing a few issues around tyre choice and what is actually available in S.A., and the riding experience especially when riding DH. Waiting for OddWheel to get stock of the wider rim :slight_smile:

Congrats on the new addition! I’m sure you’re gonna love it. :smiley:

Just got back from my first ride on the trail and WOW! This is my new favorite size for xc and moderate technical! Fast as hell and smooth as butta! Getting the raw video footage together and should have the finished viddy up later today. How does it handle 3-4 foot drops? You’ll see! :smiley:

Yeah they are awesome pedals and a perfect compliment to my 5.10’s. Lots of foot area too which I love.

YEah, I figured haha.

YEah I am very happy I waited and got the wider rim and new hub, sans the “kh” cutouts!

You are correct sir! I do love it indeed!

Looks great! You make me want to get a 29" :wink:

Wow… now I will see what should I do with my 29er. Waiting for a movie :slight_smile:

Nice uni Terry! I wish I could get my unis as fast a this!:stuck_out_tongue: Is there a really big difference of speed between this and the 24" for Muni? I want a 29er… but I still dont have any money for it yet:(

I don’t know why I waited so long, but i’m glad I waited for the 2010 with the wider rim and better hub!:smiley:

Haha, wait no more! Here’s the viddy! Please leave a comment. :slight_smile:

BIG difference in speed for sure! 24 is still tops for the really hardcore MUni, but this baby comes in a close second in that category! :smiley: Once again, here’s the viddy! (Shameless plug haha!)

29 29 29 29 29 29

I’ve been saying it for a few years. The 29 is my favorite ride.

Sure I’ve got the 20, 29, and 36.

But the 29 is the most versitile in my book.

Have fun Terry

Me thinks I will be saying the same thing soon! Only my second day (doing rocky technical today) and I’m very impressed with it! I was in Simi Valley from 8am-1:30 riding and filming. Editing now! :smiley:

Nice vid, only one thing bugged me a bit… your unis disappeared!
From the time you went off to phone UDC, till the postman got your new stuff, someone stole your three other unis!