How to move an album to be a nested album in another?

Sorry to ask this, but I’ve looked around and also searched, and can’t figure out how to move an existing album to be a nested album in a different album. Can someone tell me how?

Is there an easy way to do this, or do I have to move everything individually?

There should be a folder option saying move folder or something along that lines.


There is a “move album” command but it merely moves the album within the gallery, not inside another album.

Still looking for good advice…

i tried to find out how also, but with no avail. i just reloaded the pics/videos into the new album and deleted or hide old ones

Ah, you’re there. You use the “move album” command. It will open up a new pop-up browser window. Be patient. It will take several minutes for the window to load and it gives no indication that it is busy chugging along. After several minutes you’ll get two options in the pop-up window: (1) Move the location of the album or (2) Nest within another album.

I have experienced this same delay. It did finish thinking as John says and then allowed me to move albums anywhere I wanted.

Ah thanks guys. It did take a couple of minutes for the rest of the window to show up. Perhaps most of it was search time through the gallery. After I had moved most of my albums it seemed to pop up faster. Some of that, I suppose, may be due to virtual memory and caching. It’s nice to have all that stuff in one place!