How to mount going uphill

So I just started riding easy muni.

I can mount on flat or downhill. I don’t know how to mount going uphill. Is there a relatively easy way to do it?

No, mounting uphill is always hard. Things you can do to make it easier:

  1. Try a rolling or jump mount, and jump way higher than you usually do.
  2. Mount sideways or downhill and hop around to get pointed the right direction.
  3. Find a place that’s flat or less uphill on the side of the trail.
  4. Stand on a rock so you don’t have to jump as high.
  5. Walk up the rest of the hill.

I’ve been intrigued to learn the back-jump mount (start with the unicycle in back of you and jump backwards onto it), because it should be easier in this situation, but I haven’t worked on it at all.


Jump mount, huh. I knew there was that sort of thing that better riders can do. I can only do static & roll-back mounts. And only on one side, although I can do curb-assisted static mounts on the other side.

On the street, I’ll do #2, mount riding across the hill, then turn uphill, but wasn’t able to do it on the moderately steep hill I UPD’d on in my first muni ride. I chose a much flatter course for today’s ride (my second muni ride), and it was a lot more fun, although I did exercise technique #5 once.

I rode in Briones Regional Park in the East SF Bay Area. Any of y’all ride there?

Great advice. I can’t hop but someone recently recommended in this forum (don’t remember who) to mount downhill then do a u turn. It is working for me so far … um unless I don’t have enough room to u turn… then I end up walking it. :wink:

I’ve ridden in Briones; there’s some steep hills in there all right. You should get on our mailing list if you live that close; the best legal MUni around here is in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, and we organize rides reasonably regularly. See

Don’t worry about walking uphill when you’re doing MUni; for the big events, most of the people walk most of the uphill. I try to ride most of the uphill, but only because I’m usually trying to train for something; the work/fun ratio is way too high for uphill MUni.

Tom’s advice, as usual, is very, very good. I also find uphill mounts challenging, and often will mount sideways to the slope (static mount), and do a quick twisting turn to the uphill before (or right as) I start to pedal. This tends to be easier for me than hopping and turning. I like to climb hills when I muni, even if it quickly exhausts me; there’s something satisfying in it. I’m not good at it, though, and consider the climbs my riding buddies and I do successful if I can ride 2/3 or more of the climb. There’s a saying in the mountain biking community: “If you’re not hiking, you’re not mountain biking.” I consider the uphill hike just part of the price you pay to get the opportunity to make the sweet ride downhill.

Isn’t there some way of starting with your foot on the front pedal and using it to stop the uni from rolling backwards, and then just stepping on the back pedal and pedaling away? I can imagine that that would be awkward, since you’d have to reach your “front” leg out far to reach the front pedal, but maybe you can try starting with your body more forward (maybe even in front of the uni) so that reaching for the front pedal isn’t a problem. Hmm. I gotta try that out sometime.

I guess if you just turned your uni sideways (perpendicular to the slope of the hill), mounted it, and then turned 90 degrees to get facing back up-hill would be easy, though.

i can but but i usualy dont get it all the time so i either just mount downhill and u turn or hop to desired position or mount sideways