how to motorise a uni

how would you go about putting a motor on a uni im thinking that you wouldnt use a chain cause shoelaces might get tangled so instead you might use a wheel that transfers power to the riding wheel

Exactly like this.

get some posh degrees learn about all that self balancing rubbish then make one of them ^^^^^^^

what do you wish to accomplish by motorizing a uni? if you were to simply mount a motor on your frame and direct-drive your wheel, well, your coasting skills better be perfect or else you and your uni are in for a good crash!

the problem is that a direct drive does not provide any of the front-back balance needed to keep the unicycle upright. trevor’s self-balancing unicycle (linked from phlegm’s post above) takes this into consideration, using a closed-loop system: sensors determine if the unicycle is falling fowards or backwards, and adjusts the motor’s speed accordingly.

another way people have been able to motorize one wheel involves moving the rider into the center of the wheel… see many different types of “monowheels” or “monocycles” here:

don’t be discouraged, however. if you’ve got an idea you’re dying to try out, go for it! a chain is an excellent way to transmit power from a motor… however the chain and sprockets will need a cover to protect the rider from getting all wound up. trevor’s unicycle uses a timing belt and pulleys to transmit power, but these components have the same hazards as a chain… shoelaces can get wrapped around a pulley just as easily. trevor had to machine a custom hub to incorporate a timing belt… you could make life easier by using a giraffe-like setup with a bicycle hub.

tell us more about your idea, the peanut gallery here would love to offer you comments and critiques! :slight_smile:

you don’t need a degree to learn. a degree implies that you’ve spent time learning something. but it’s not always a good indicator of being learned :slight_smile:

i was thinking of this sometime ago…what my plan was is to have an ordinary 20 inch unicycle with sqaure taper hub get a mtb crank set wit say a 28 toothsprocketand put the cranks on the hub then making it chain drive with very short cranks so u can at least have some pitch balanceso cut the mtb cranks short and make them shorter then mount the motor and hav it geared highly so its more torque then speeed

I think somebody did build a non-self-balancing motorised unicycle (i.e. not a monowheel) once - I’m sure I’ve seen film of it somewhere. From what I can remember, it was driven by a petrol engine with a hand throttle for control. I read something about it being extremely difficult to ride, but its creator could ride it around a bit.


Much like this, I’d imagine:

You can buy a SBU
I couldn’t find anything on pricing, but I bet it’s a lot.

Here a guy takes 45 min to learn to ride it.

A similar desing:

Teaching a guy to ride it:

I think I saw the vid you’re talking about, but I couldn’t find it. The one I saw had a REALLY fat, flat tire, like a thin car tire.

I bid on one on eBay @a month ago. Mainly, as a curiosity. I “won” it for the princely sum of $400, which was much less than the reserve, so I’m still pedaling all my wheels. Point is, they’re out there.

(As an aside: I looked into building my own from the open source and parts alone are running $1900. No thanks.)

what a jerk goes to the skate park “oh u guys is there anywhere i can Ollie this thing? oh that’s not the right word for it is it?!” go get a real unicycle …one with a fat 2.5 tyre and splined cranks not something with a wussy little motor that lets u ride it go get a uni that puts up a fight