how to measure, 661 pads.

i might get 661’s but i dont know what size to get i would get These ones here but im not sure what size to get them in could someone please help me size them?
thanks to anyone who responds

It has the sizing chart listed on the website:

L(TOP 18.5" BOTTOM 9.5")

M(TOP 16" BOTTOM 9")

S(TOP 15.75" BOTTOM 8")

Just measure the diameter of your leg at the ankle (bottom)

and measure your thigh about 3 inches above your knee (top)

This should give you an idea about sizing

I wear a large (5’9" tall and weigh @ 185)

check your PMs, i sent you a coupon code they gave me, i don’t have anything to order from them right now

I was also wondering this. Thanks.

how long are the large pads, I have thick legs but they aren’t very long. by there size chart I should be the large, but if they are long at all I won’t be able to wear them.

Don’t be too concerned about the length. They fit us short-legged people quite well. I wear a large and have a 30" inseam. They sit on the top of my shoe and extend a fair amount above my knee, adding a little extra protection :smiley:

In contrast. I am 5’9" 140 lbs, and the small 661s fit me snugly. I was worried when I ordered small because I thought they might be sized for children, but I’m happy with the fit.

I’m 5’ 4" 160 pounds. and I have pretty big calf muscles. I think I’m going to just give it a try though. I wonder if mediums would still work, even if there a little tight.

Measuring the 661 or Roach pads by girth is silly IMHO. The more important measure is length unless your legs are really fat or really skinny. Length is important because you don’t want the pads to be so short that they slide down your leg when you crash. If the pads slide down they expose the top of your knee. What’s the point of knee pads if the knee protection just slides down during a crash?

I’d go for the longest size that you can fit on your legs.

I have a brand new set of Large 661’s.
Measurements are:
Length from the bottom up to the first articulation where the knee can bend: 13.75 inches
Length from the bottom up to the second articulation where the knee can bend: 15.5 inches

The pads flex at the two articulation points. To fit the large you’ll want your shins to be long enough so that the articulation points can fit over the bend of your knee (basically the top of your kneecap). So measure from a little above the top of your riding shoes up to the top of your kneecap. For me the pads tend to fit best with the bottom articulation at the bottom of the kneecap and the top articulation at the top of the kneecap or thereabouts.

You=5’4’’ or less…small
You=5’9’’ or more…large

Err on the side of bigness.