how to make videos

how do u guys make videos with all the quick scenes of u riding? u know, like when it shows u fall, then it shows you doin some other trick

Hmmm well first open WMM(Windows Movie Maker)

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker
  2. Import video
  3. The go to Timeline
  4. You can trim clips there so you can get rid ofthe bad stuff :wink:
  5. Then just right click on a videoand go to video effects
  6. Import the effect you want to the clip

and just keep doing it to tons of clips.

Then the icon on the left will say “save tocomputer” click it and chose all your options…And ya. You could look on youtube to see all the different tutorials for WMM. WMM is basicbut good…I just upgraded to Adobe Premiere and I tell ya its alot more techy! Its cool…Its hard to find the setting you need to save but whatever just play around with it and you will get it!

Have Fun!

Isaac :slight_smile:

wmm don’t won’t let me use my camcorder’s videos

Hmmm then try downloading it…just go to Google and type in Windows Movie Maker Download…and there will be one and try again…Hope that helped…Actually there is a whole Windows Movie Maker website that like this with threads on WMM…Let me think what its called?

ahhh here we go.

Hope that helped!

no, thats not what he’s saying… his WMM works fine.

you need a program to convert the files from MOV to AVI(usually what it is)

there is a program called radvid by bink and smacker that will convert the files for you, search and if that doesn’t work, try google, it is a free program that leaves no watermark. that will allow you to use the files in WMM

I use Canon and Sony digital cameras, which store clips on a memory card.
Each short clip is a seperate file, which works better for editing.

When people give me Quicktime, I use convert it to AVI before using Windows Movie Maker.
rad tools are a good choice. I use quicktime pro sometimes.

If I were willing to pay money to make videos, I’d use Final Cut. C’est l’uni