How to make my KH-freeride more comfortable


On my longer off-road trips I always get a nasty pain in the perineum zone, that lasts for a while afterward.
Because of this I cannot ride longer then 1.5 hours. Pain kicks in at about 20 minutes, after that I have to stand up a lot, or stop for a while.

My set up: KH freeride saddle (my favorite, the qu-ax saddles are far worse)
Adjustable seatpost, I have the saddle nose tilted up, so the rear of the saddle is horizontal.
KH T-bar. Strangely this is not a big improvement, because with handlebar I sit with my upperbody tilted more forward, resulting in more perineum pressure.

So the big question is:
Did anyone with the same problem make modifications to the KH freeride seat that were effective. I took the cover of today, the foam seems to be easy to cut or change.

I have some options in mind:

  1. making the saddle less curved, by filling the middle part, between the foam and the seat base. This will lift the deepest part of the saddle.
  2. Widen the relieve cut.
  3. Cutting some topside of the foam to make the saddle less curved.
  4. Airseat conversion with a small tube.

Extra info:
I don’t have problems with my sitbones or with chaffing.
I already searched the forum for seat related threads, with not much succes, other then that the KH freeride is the best saddle.


Have you tried cycling shorts? 20 minutes sounds like it’s more than just saddle-soreness, but a decently padded pair of shorts might do the trick.

Yes I did, but it didn’t help.
Still pressure on the perineum.

I don’t like the padding.
I rather use jeans.

Yowch. Those are the worst due to the thick seam junctions. I’d recommend anything else or modify a pair with scissors! :roll_eyes:

My 2c…I was having the same problem. I was wearing cycling shorts under baggy board (swimming) shorts (with no netting). The board shorts slide against the cycling shorts thus reducing friction. But I was still getting hot spots on my “taint”. I started hiking my cycling shorts up really high - like waistband up to my nips high, then rolling them down over the top of the board shorts. This flattened out and pulled up my “junk” and eliminated all bunching of the shorts. This has greatly reduced hot spots and prolonged my comfortable time in the saddle.

Did you try raising the nose of the seat even more? It’s counter-intuitive but it helped me.

I have two unis with the same seat. One caused discomfort, the other didn’t. I followed the advice I saw here and I raised the nose of the offending saddle even more than it already was. Problem went away.

At least that’s something that can be easily checked.

I found that raising the nose of my KH saddle all the way really helped. It looks crazy, like it would make the problem worse, but it actually keeps your weight back on the seat part. I never ride for more than 30 minutes however.

Thanks guys,

The next rides I will do with cycling shorts. Pulling up “the junk” :astonished: can be done better with cycling shorts.

I will also experiment more with the seat angle, nose up.

I also made the channel in the seat a bit wider in the middle area.

Hopefully the pain will come to an end.:frowning:

It sounds like you need a better position for your handle. Handles are crucial for longer-distance rides, as they’re the only way you can take weight off your perineum.

+1 on ditching the jeans. Cycling shorts + chamois cream is the ultimate in comfort. I can’t go without the cream on rides any longer than 30-40 kms.

The airseat will achieve the opposite of the flattened saddle. I’d say any work to flatten the saddle would be the best way to go after fixing the above items.

My Louis Garneau Corsa Bin Shorts eliminate that annoying (sweat gathers) waistband and you can move your junk back into place on the go with a simple tug of either suspender.

I have “unmodified” KH Fusion Freeride saddles on my 26" & 29" MUnis but I’m never in the saddle long enough (stand up often) to get sore. I have a KH Fusion Slim (but might also consider a Street) on my 36". Padding is the enemy when touring long distance with prolonged time (without standing up) in the saddle. A fully extended Shadow handlebar also helps a lot.

I Agree with the cycling bibs recommendation vs the shorts which will bind up your middle. In fact, I wear cycling bibs but leave the straps off my shoulders for greatest comfort.