How To: make grip tape pedals/grind plates.

I bought some new pedals today and had plans to make them into grip tape pedals since i can’t really get any where I am. then I realised I was an idiot and decided to use my old odysey pedals.
this is how I went about it, thought i’d share…
sorry the pictures are so bleedin’ big

step 1: Remove pins from you pedals and clean all the crap off them.

step 2: take a thin piece of sheet metal and trace you pedal onto it, like so…

step 3: this step is pretty simple. take your trusty tin snips and it out. dont cut across it my photo is for illustrative puporses only.

step 4: line up the plate exactly where you want it on the pedal and hold it there. then flip it over and drill out the holes in the plate (drill through holes where the pins were in the pedals, on JC odysey pedals they happen to be the exact size of a rivet… 3.5mm)

step 5: glue the crap out of it before you put the plate on. make sure you load up with glue in the centre of the pedal 'cause there wont be anything to hold the plate there otherwise.

step 6: place the plate on, line the up the holes and rivet it all together. if you took care with step 4 all your holes should line up perfectly, if not just simply adjust them by drilling them out again. pretty simple.

step 7: bend the sharp edges over with a hammer and either griptape or wax them up.
enjoy your sexy new (looking) pedals.
haha you can tell which one i did second.
repeat steps for all sides of you pedals.
I did this today and it only took bout 30 minutes.
hope this helps and if you do actually do this tell me how it went cause i havn’t tested em out yet.

heres my verdict!!!
ok they are very heavy (350g each). no good for trials cause you cant pedalstall on em, the griptape rips off cant grind they are sticky with griptape (although you could peel one side off which i havnt tried)
im not gonna lie to ya they aint that grippy but they have a good amount of grip. they might be good for flat haha but im shit at that. but… if you dont have shin guards no pins might be a good choice and you can regrip them regularly and cheaply and easily which is good. i dunno how they grind (without griptape) might test it.

Surely the whole point of the sheet of metal is so that you can grind on them? Definitely take the griptape off the grind side.

I snapped the front of a wellgo pedal once and fixed it by bending some steel around the bottom of the pedal. It was purely accidental that I came across this method of pedal grinds. Leave the pins on the side you stand on, to keep normal grip, then keep the other side smooth for griding. It’l definitely help your grinds, but as you said, it adds some weight.

Then again, if you shave your tyre for a real street beast, then you will have taken off the weight that you’re going to add with the pedals.

i will take the grip tape off for grinds but i do like having grip on both sides for landing spin and flip tricks but i guess you cant have everything. normally i just take all the pins out of one side of my pedal for grinding. griptape was the main point of the whole project.

these pedals are poooooooooooooo!!! dont do it im closing the thread

Thanks for all for sharing helpful information.