how to make an album and check my email

I just registered at yesterday and have been able to post messages in this forum, but I am having trouble checking my email and making an album. When I try to do either an error shows up. Can anyone help me. :thinking:

I’m having some of the same problems, so your not alone brotha.

email problems

i can’t check email either i have not tried a gallary yet and when i strated i sent a few emails i got no replys

I have found the squirrel mail interface to be an unreliable route to the e-mail. I use the neo mail interface at

I find it to be a little quirky and the server is sometimes sluggish but it does get the job done. Everytime I send a message it reports an error but sends the message anyway.

As for the galleries, be sure you are logged in, hit the gallery button, look in the upper right hand corner for another login prompt, and you should be able to login and create a gallery from there.

I’ve never had a problem with the default mail performance, but I do have a challenge creating “nested albums” a la Unibrier’s site. Won’t seem to let me.

I’m going to drink some malted IQ medicine this weekend and try again…

I tried the neo mail interface but it said my password was invalid. Do I need to register seprately for the neo mail?

Its me again. I made sure I was logged in before I tried to create a new album and this was displayed:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 155

Can you help me now? :thinking:

No, it should accept the same password. This and your gallery problems are in the Gilby domain. E-mail him or wait and see if he hooks up to this thread eventually.

Yeah, some things are broken… I’ll try to get to fixing them this weekend.

I’ve had this same problem with both neomail and squirrel mail since I started writing. It always nags about my password being wrong.

I think it’s just the newer members. I know someone who registered new two weeks ago and couldn’t get to their email either.