How to make an air seat?

oh the pain

I have been riding for about 1 month now and my ass just hurts so bad after a long practice. I have a crappy bike store unicycle saddle that is so uncomfortable. I was wondering what is an air seat? DOes it really make that big of a difference, comfort wise? How do I make an air seat? and what do I need to make one?



You can use the following website as a guide or for inspiration, if you don’t have a Miyata:

I’d give an account of my experience (it was positive – I did it to a Bedford seat), but I’m in a rush.


Re: How to make an air seat?

Now that the Velo KH seat is out…don’t bother with air!

It’s a pain, it’s ugly, it’s comfortable…but TWICE on rides, my air tube has deflated…I don’t know why, I never found an obstruction

Get a Velo…don’t bother with an air ‘upgrade’!!!



For some reason I can’t get to this site here:

can somebody please copy and paste the information about making an airseat.



Looks like the site is not accessible right now (several hours ago it was).
Try the Google cache:

As long as remains unavailable, the Google cache cannot show you the pics either, but you get an excellent textual description.

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Guess the script could not handle the URL.

instead to access the cached version.

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