How to lubricate a Schlumpf hub?

I have a Schlumpf/KHU hub since one year now, so it’s time for some lubrication. According to the handbook, you are supposed to lubricate with bicycle oil or the special Schlumpf grease (by the way, in the German version, which is Florian Schlumpf’s primary language, of the handbook, only oil is mentioned). When using bike oil, the grease applied during the original assembly and the oil would mix. Is it really a good idea to do so?

Should I actually use bike oil? What is your choice for lubricating the hub?

I lubricated my hub when I got it back from Florian. I used the provided syringe and the special schlumpf grease. You should have received a syringe with your hub that has the special grease. I would only recommend using Schlumpfs high quality grease, you can always contact him to ship you some.

I am using the terminology from his manual as well, and it could be that his “high quality grease” is pretty much the same as high quality bicycle oil. I would email Florian and ask before using anything other than the provided syringe and contents.