How to learn how to glide?Gliding on flat?

Well,I’ve got 1 foot ww done good now,I can go as far as I want as long as I dont want to go more than 40 feet or so.
I tried gliding a little,but havent gotten anywere.

My question is,how should i go about learning to glide?My goal is to glide down backcountry roads and muni hill,the scenery whizzing by…

I would practice it on the road on a slight hill in front of our house,but it snowed last night,and now i just have our coverd back deck to practice on.How easy is it to learn on flat?How should i go about learning?


i can do it from only a l ft ww i havent tried while riding getting into it, so first just do what i did. jsut go from a 1 ft ww. and i started on a huge hill and can never go anywhere on flats. if u keep with it - it wont take that long- took me three weeks

ya feel me

The problem is the hills are snowy and I want to practice NOW!
Itll probally take me forever though…

It would probably be easiest to practice your one-footed wheel walking some more, so that you are very comfortable with it, then when the snow melts, go out on the hill, 1ftww down it, relax the pressure, and start gliding. As you practice one-footed wheel walk flatland, try to go really fast, then lighten the pressure and lean back. You should be able to glide a little ways at least. You can also ride one-footed with your non-gliding foot, put your gliding foot on the wheel, then transfer your one-footed riding foot to the fork and see how far you can get. This may not work if your one-footed foot and your gliding foot are the same.

Alternitively, get a friend with a lot of patience, and do some pull-gliding. I haven’t done pull-gliding myself, so I don’t have any tips on it, but I get the impression it’s fairly easy, from what I’ve seen of it.

They are,but i can 1 foot okay with the other foot,so ill try it.

I guess ill just have to wait till the snow melts.:frowning: I will try pullgliding too,I forgot about that.

Oh,and,how do i put my feet?Do you just put one foot one the frame,the other in front on the tire?

yea and dont let the foot thats resting on the frame touch the tire or youll lose control- i learned that after a week in

One foot should rest solidly on the frame. (Although you can leave it out and glide leg extended later on.) You have two choices for the other foot; either rest it on the tire only, or set it overlapping the frame and the tire. The former is easier, and probably slightly better for downhill gliding, while the latter is better for freestyle, because it helps prepare you for coasting, since you can’t move your foot as much, and so you usually use at least some coasting reflexes. It’s also better because that’s how your foot has to be positioned for stand-up glide.

Well never mind.I can glide now!!!
After about 35 minutes of practice,i can go 7-8 full revs of the wheel.(Igot it on tape and counted the revs)!!!
The hill i did it on was dirt,and because of the snow it was wet,I think that helped.I also can go a couple feet on flat!!!Im excited.
The gravel was a bit annoying though.

And just last week i couldnt even 1 foot ww!

Wow! Congratulations. :smiley:


Next thing,ill have to learn it on my big heavy Muni.Before ya know it,Ill be whizzing by at top speed.

Oh,and,pull gliding doesnt really work to well for me,the puller person goes too slow or i fall on him or somthing,i think its easier to just ride fast and glide from there.

Wow, that is seriously inspirational to me because I recently learned one footed WW. I tried it on a hill and I kind of got a feel for it, but I am far from learning it completely. I can only go about 2 feet while gliding before the uni slips out from under me. O, forrest, post a pic!

Cant,now.Its dark.I might tomorow.

It was musketman who inspired me,last week.I couldnt even 1 foot ww then,man i still cant get over that.

Suprisingly,learning gliding is soooo much easier than ww1foot.For me at least.Normally it takes me forever to learn somthing.

I would post video,but its an old(like 1990’s) video camera,and i have no way to put it on a computer.

One thing you might try,is get a stick and drag it behind you to hold you up.I did that a little at first,dont know if it helps or not.

Now,I cant find the dig camera!I think my dad has it.

Gliding on a muni is way harder than on a 20 incher. On the Muni your legs are jacked up high, and getting your feet in position is also harder. I learned to ww on a 20 incher, then learnd on a Muni.


I can do it a tad bit,but the wide tire makes me fall over sidways.

That is,I can do it a little on flat,I havent tried it on a hill yet.Im gonna do that next.

Well,so much for that.I just beat my old dicstance record,that i did on my 20",by a good 10 feet on my Muni!

This brings my record up to,maybe 50 feet.I steped it off.Estimate.

That’s odd that 1 ft ww was so hard for you. Were you very good at normal ww when you learned to 1 ft ww? Anyway, gliding is definitely my next goal… goes and practices

Iwas pretty good at normal ww,I learned it almost a year ago,then just recently(sunday)stuck with 1 foot ww enough to learn it.Id been practicing off and on for about a month or more.I practiced like all day,too.
Gliding was so easy to learn.I dont know why.

I can glide on flat okay now too,to do it I get going,then take my gliding foot complelty off the wheel for a couple seconds,when i start to fall i put it back on,maybe give the wheel a kick or two,then do it again.
Its alot of fun.

Found it.