How to land a 360?

Okay. I searched the forums with no success.

I can land a 270+, but I am having a hard time land the entire 360 spin. I just want to know if it is more in the spin or the air (or both)? Any tips?

Sorry if this has been posted before. Please point me in the right direction if it has.


i assume you are talking about varial spins, not unispins. i cant help you, but i just dont know what youre talking about.

Varial spins (body spins with unicycle).

well the simple answer would be jump higher, but what you could do is a prehop. hop 90 degrees then do a 360

Thanks! I finally landed it today. I learned that the rotation is more in your hips and legs and less in your upper body. I concentrated on rotating my hips and the unicycle instead of moving my shoulders. Thanks for your tips. I will have to try that prehop 90 degree jump.

They’re called hoptwists. The easiest way to learn them would be to pivot 90 degrees, do a 180, then pivot 90 degrees out, and then decrease the size of the pivots into and out of the twist until you’re doing a full 360. That’s how I learned, anyway.

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Thank you Eremit! I appreciate the video.

This is one f the first tricks I learned. Maybe I just got lucky! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, I can’t do most of the supposedly easy street / flat stuff… :frowning:

I am also not able to land 360.
Does it is too tough? I tried so hard but not getting it, I just got stuck into my wheels. Want to know its proper technique.

just keep working up to it(start with 180, then progress)
also try doing it off of a ledge, to get more air time

Thanks for the tutorial.
I’m a-gunna-go practice!

You know when you’re riding and you want to begin riding backwards so you do a little on-ground-180? If you are like me, then you do this by twisting your torso (and thus your tire) a bit to the RIGHT first, in order to facilitate the strong twist to the left. The best person I have ever seen do 360 hoptwists (he did them DAMN fast) utilized this same move. He twisted a little to the right first, and then had room to make a HUGE swing to the left He could land them FAST, barely leaving the ground. I think it’s the easiest way to get enough momentum to pull off flat 540 hoptwists and such, not that I’ve ever done one.

If you are trying a body spin and just can’t quite make the full spin, try jumping off a two to three foot ledge. The extra air time made the difference for me when I was first learning. Then I worked my way down (so to speak) to being able to do the full 360 spin, without the 90deg prehop thing, on flat ground.


Practice makes perfect landing. You may hurt yourself for a while but it make sense at all if you make 360 then. :slight_smile: