How to keep my wheel from wobblin'

dose anyone have any tips for me on how to keep wheel strait when im going at high speeds 'cause im starting to ware holes in my 661’s when the tyre rubs them

true yer wheel

it´s not the wheel trueness thats the problem.
You just need to practise more.

If you’ve got a muni with a fat tire the 661 style armour is going to rub the tyre at times. You can’t really avoid it. Eventually it will rub a hole in the outer fabric of the armour. My 661’s have a hole worn through on the side if each knee.

It’s undesirable because it wears out the armour faster and you end up needing to replace it sooner than you really should need to.

One thing you can do is put some protective adhesive sealant on the wear spots to extend the life of the fabric in those areas. Seam Grip works well but is a little expensive if you buy it only for your armour (It’s hard to justify temporarily extending the life of $30 armour with a $7 tube of sealant). Other adhesive sealant products can also work. Just reapply the sealant as it gets worn off. It will extend the life of the armour and help delay the wear on the areas that rub the tyre.

I use epoxy and duct tape, and it’s pretty much indestructable. I use epoxy from an auto shop, it comes in two connected tubes which you mix, then apply. I layer the epoxy on the duct tape, then quickly stick it on my shin armor. It sets within 5 minutes, and dries completely in a few hours.

This ends up being much more durable than the original fabric. I used it to replace tears that my pedals frequently made in the back of my armor (when I bailed), and in the two weeks since I put it on it has held up perfectly.

Shoe Goo from Canadian Tire also works for me.

The wobbling may be caused by unequal pressure, either forward or back pressure, while riding. If one of your legs is stronger than the other or otherwise can’t keep up the tempo, you’ll get that wobble. Also, your wheel may wobble if you brake slightly harder with one foot.

Practice counting - like you’re marching - to get the legs aligned during the spin.


It seems to me that if you’re travelling at high speeds, you are not on the most technical teeth jarring sections. Here you’ll have the opportunity to sit heavy in the saddle. Think of moving your feet in little circles rather than only pushing on the downstroke. When riding at speed, sitting quite heavy in the saddle, your feet can somehow just perform as if on autopilot. It seems to take 1/6 the energy. How the whole system works and you zip along atop one wheel is just a miracle.

And, as the Grandmaster 2T tells me, “Be as water”. :sunglasses: