How to Idle??

I’ve been unicycling for about 2 months now and I still haven’t got down idling, does anybody have any tips on how to do it?? Thanks

Practice, alot, next to a wall.

Idling is easy, but it takes a little bit of time before it clicks and you can do it forever. Just practice. Really.

Use the search function.

Keep your weight on the seat. You will make corrections and after each one settle back down into the saddle. Keep your weight on the seat. Focus some distance in front of you. Keep your weight on the seat. Try until you fall off, don’t chicken out and step off. Keep your weight on the seat.

Remember, keep your weight on the seat.

and be sure to keep your weight on the seat :wink:

just tilt ur bottom foot down towards the ground a little bit and lean into it.
and of course
keep your weight on the seat

All the above advice is pretty good, but also you should remember to keep your weight on the seat.

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for idleing WITHOUT weight on the seat (like seat in front idling) I can do it a little, but it is really not smooth, and I can’t extend the seat very far in front before I lose it.

Learning to go backwards well before I tried idling really helped me.

one more thing…
keep your weight on the seat.

didnt look at anyone elses posts… u the night i leanres to go backward ike 25 meters constantly was the night i could basically idle foras long as a want… leanr to go backwards and then youll be able to idle…


Your feet work together; that’s the key.

Re: How to Idle??

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005 19:14:25 -0500, “ngunicyle” wrote:

>does anybody have any tips on how to do it?? Thanks

Keep your weight on the seat while you download “Learning to unicycle”
from <>. Then read the
section about idling.

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and slow down
u’re probably trying to move your feet too fast
it’s a pretty slow and gentle movement

I found it slightly easier after I had raised my seat very slightly.

The only Idling i can do like that is seat in back idling. I correct myself by using my hand thats on the seat. I can do seat in front idling but only a couple times.

I found that leaning the opposite direction of the idling foot helps and also it’s good to really get rockin,’ don’t just piddle around. Think of a good rock n roll song and you’ve got it.

Well I don’t keep any weight on the seat. Cuz (even tho I can idle sitting on the seat) I always stand up when idling. To me its just easier. And if its something you really want to learn-itll happen.

I try to stay on the seat but i always tend to stand up a little bit. It makes it easier to idle it will tire you out faster. Does anyone find themselves turning towards the foot thats down while idling? Like if you are idling with right foot down you have to keep turning to the right to maintain balance?

I kind of go round in a circle.

yeah, the turning-around-in-a-circle thing is an early idling-problem and one that’s pretty easy to fix
(it’s also a pretty cute thing to do on purpose, but only later)

i found the easiest way to prevent turning in a circle while idling was to imagine i was idling on the gear gate of a car
once u feel that the wheel’s turned towards your ‘down’ foot, make the conscious effort to straighten the wheel and make sure that u go straight back, instead of going back to the point where the previous stroke started from
this will lead a strangely waddling sideways motion (which is very handy if u want to pass clubs between two idling unicyclists and u’re just a little bit too far apart - and, i assume, a hundred other kewl applications, but i digress)
this sideways movement can be ofset by purposefully moving back in the direction u just came from

gear gate.jpg