How to hop

I’m trying to learn how to hop/jump on my 24” une.
Can anyone give me any tips or general advice please.

Ride to a standstill with your pedals level, with one (or both) hand(s) on the seat (or handlebars) and start hopping.
As you throw your weight up you need to pull the unicycle up with you by pulling on the seat/handlebar.

Start with very small hops and try to hop once or twice under control and then ride away. These first few hops might not even leave the ground but it’s the motion you’re looking to learn.
Work up from there.

I also think that once you get hopping down pat then start learning to hop purposely like you’re playing Hopscotch instead of bouncing continuously on a pogo stick.
Do your stillstand, then as you start to fall out of the stillstand hop to another stillstand and repeat.

This is just what works for me.


Don’t need “lift up” the unicycle. That’s advanced technique. We just want teach basics to a beginner. Keep it simple… Also, watch circus/street unicyclists. Watch them do a trick,. “No hands” bunny hop. No lift up. Nuff said.

a.) Trust gravity. When you drop. You go straight down, and then focus on “rebounding” again straight up. b.) Do not try to steer. Gravity. Again. Trust it.
c.) Keep upper legs “locked” and use mainly ankles.

Trick is to rebound both body + unicycle at same time.
have fun


I find it far easier to hold the saddle and pull the uni up than to pinch it in my legs and try hopping without holding the handle.


I have to agree with, Hold the saddle, when I first started learning I found if I didn’t have a good grip and slight upward pull I would actually bounce off the pedals. I have just recently started learning how to hop not holding on to the seat and have to say it takes some real effort to not get thrown off or lift off the pedals
what helped me was to ride to a stop, pedals level, stand up then just bend my knees a little and then just a quick little hop
good luck, it gets easier pretty quick

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Thanks for all the excellent advice. I can hop, well I can hop on the spot, hop to ride. Hop whilst riding, all in the space of a couple of days. Hands are on the saddle, legs locked straight with cranks level and I’m hopping.

I will try and upload of video soon

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