How to gradually impove?

I have been riding my Torker LX 24 since June 12. I ride every morning before work for 30 minutes, about 3.7 kilometers around my neighborhood.
I’m still working on freemounting. I’ll ride more as fall approaches; I don’t do well in the heat and humidity.

I’d like to know how to gradually improve without taking too much risk. Trail riding and riding backwards is probably as “crazy” as I plan to get.
I don’t want any dumb injuries to keep me “off the wheel”.

This morning, I tried to ride as much as possible with one hand on the saddle handle to help me improve my balance.
Any other ways I can push myself within my existing regime?


I started with an LX 24" too :smiley:

Try to throw some zigzags into your daily route when you’re comfortable with it, get used to the manuevering. Learn how to lightly stand on the pedals when you roll over a bump and start riding off road; simple trails aren’t very tough to transfer onto, just work on some grass, dirt, different texture terrain, whatever you find in your front yard.

And with the LX, you might want to get BMX pedals or anything that has more grip than those stock plastic pedals; I used to do morning rides in the grass and a little bit of moisture makes them impossible to stay on. A softer seat and better tire can also go a long way, but the pedals were the only real obstacle for me.

When your ride, try watching yourself in your minds eye from different angles, especially from above. Ride in slower than usual straight lines, avoid waving your arms around and concentrate on being in total control at all times, anticipate as much as you can - you’ll gradually improve :slight_smile:

If you ride with no hands on the saddle try riding with your left hand, then you right hand on the saddle.

If you ride with your right hand on the saddle, switch to you right for a while.

If you find you route has more right turns, do it in reverse for a while.

Try riding along with your arms folded.

Try riding along with your arms behind your head, or behind your back.

If you always stop with one foot forward, try stopping on the other foot.


pete66 had good advice with the control thing.

I read this yesterday so I thought I would give riding along the prom with my arms folded a go as I tend to do most of the things above it anyway. He he, it was a funny feeling. I seemed to have much more awareness of what my legs were doing. Cool.

By the way, surely just riding will help you to improve anyway.