How to get the bearings off my KH moment hub?

Hello, I was planning to repaint me KH moment hub.
But there’s one big problem. First I need to get the old paint off.
Therefore i need to get the bearings off, but it’s not that easy.
Does sombody have experience with this? know haw to do that?

Greetz, Marne

with a bearing puller.

Haha you beat me to it; that’s what I use and it works great!:slight_smile:

i swear you don’t really need a bearing puller? Unless it’s just for some hubs.

'Cos for Profile and Koxx hubs, i can just slide the bearings on and off with my fingers.

Well, wasn’t it enouf when I told it this midday to you in person like 5 times??? :thinking:

Peter M

Yeah, Peter told me this afternoon, i needed a bearingpuller, bu i wanted to know of there wasn’t another way to do that.
Because i don’t need a bearing puller that often, It’s not worth to buy one :roll_eyes:

But thanks for your comments:D