how to get noticed.

I know alot of people are trying to get sponsored and stuff.but I was wondering how alot of you are getting in the paper.
I’ve been riding for a year now (in the same town)and i just want to know how you did it ?

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i ride naked…

I rode with another unicyclist friend in one of those fun rides and we got a photo and little article in the local paper. It wasn’t anything special.


Local papers are usually on the lookout for almost anything to fill their pages. They often have a number of young, inexperienced or ‘low grade’ journalists who don’t know how to ‘make’ a story. (I give as an example our local rag. There was a serious car accident locally, 3 killed and 4 seriously injured, and it took up 1 1/2 pages of the paper, but the same few facts were recycled 4 times within that write up - almost word for word.)

So you can use this to your advantage. If you ring or write (or, if you prefer, wring or rite) and tell them what you’re doing, when and why, and you give them sufficient notice for them to get a photographer there, and you ‘play the game’ by posing inanely, you should be almost guaranteed a decent mention.

Local papers like GOOD NEWS, so a happy smiling unicyclist looking slightly bizarre and raising money for the rehabilitation of socially disadvantaged Labrador puppies should be good for a big photo and 3 or 4 column inches.

Give them the facts, give them the story and do most of their work for them. This is what we do with the Morris dancers. Once a year we do a procession from Nottingham to Southwell, and we ring the Evening Post, and they come out and faithfully print a picture of the Morris men with the Lord Mayor, and publish a few inches of drivel with predictable puns.

As for the nationals papers, they thrive on BAD NEWS and cynicism. Offer to lend your unicycle to a prominent politician, accidentaly send a fax to that effect to an opposition supporting newspaper, then deny that you own a unicycle at all. Before you know it, hey presto! you will be in all the papers as a bisexual tricyclist.:smiley:

Re: how to get noticed.

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> “The money required to provide adequate food, water, education, health,
> and housing for everyone in the world has been estimated at $17 billion
> a year
> …about as much as the world spends on arms every two
> weeks.”

The U.S. census bureau estimates as of today the world population is
about 6.266 billion. $17 billion divided by 6.266 billion is less than
$3.00 per person. How long will this provide them with adequate supplies?


My sugestion is if you really want to get noticed and get in print, is to use your unicycle for some natorious skeem to take over the world, or you know at least your town. Start out by Robbing a few banks and coin a spiffy name like the One Wheel Bandits. Step 2, once you get enough money from robbing banks (15 USD or so…) , Buy canada, I’m sure you can get a hell of a deal on it, its not like any one likes canada afterall, no respectable nation would care, I mean it is canada after all. Step 3, Once you are the sole one wheeled dictator of canada, Make Millions of Maple Surup bombs and then is where the fun begins. You can also come up with a new cool name for canada like Uniada 4) Declare war on the rest of the western world! I’m sure you could convice china and a few others to Join you. But make sure you attack first. The US would never suspecet its citizenes to be attacted randomly by canada. They would be crypled in sticky goo. After that I guess its really all up to you, but I think that might get you in the papers, maybe…

how to get noticed

Nice waste of space, C-nuts. You’ve obviously been watching way too many South Park re-runs.

You forgot to mention: “Write posts like Justin Kozy.” They’ll get you noticed everytime.

C-nuts, you have been appointed US unicycling ambassador to Canada.

Wonder how long you’ll last?

Re: how to get noticed.

I typed up my own article and submitted it to the small (once-a-month) town
newspaper. They sent out a photographer to get pictures of me and friends on
unis. It was printed on the front page of the October issue, exactly as I
submitted it, including a mention of our web site.

I could have submitted it to the daily newspaper (which covers a bigger
region), but I felt more sympathetic to the little guys. Besides it wouldn’t
have been on the front page of the daily paper.

A lot of people said “I saw your article”. But we didn’t get trampled by
crowds of people rushing to join our club.

I guess the main goal was just to explain unicycling. And also answer the
question: “What’s the deal with that guy that rides a unicycle around town?”


Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

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we (stirling juggling project) were in the local paper recently, but then we are a few of the most photogenic people in town.
our p.r. bloke got a call from them saying “we havent done an article on you lot yet” a reporter came to see us at practice, we spoke enthusiasticly about ourselves, and they did a glowing centerfold on us and the joy we bring to the people of stirlingshire.
which was nice.

That cuts out of half the work. Just start in Canada… BAM. It’ll be real quick!

I say go to an opening of something and just cruise around all the reporters. For me i went to a brand new skatepark where they interveiwed any joe schmoe. we saw both of our wheels ride along the bowl during the news but unfortunately we looked like a b*ke. Because they only saw the bottom tenth of our wheels and we were riding right behind one another. we also never got our interveiw(damn scooters).


Re: hey!

Your the one that wanted to know how you can get in the paper, I’m sorry if I havent sleept in a day and a half and that is the best way I can think of to get in the paper. I mean What respectable newspaper or TV wouldn’t cover someonoe robbing banks on unicycles. You would surely make the front pages.

The taking over canada part is just an added bonus. Not that I have anything wrong with Canada. It just makes for good headlines when you have someone buy the country and then reek havioc on the rest of the world. You would make gloabal headlines pullling a stunt like that.

And then you know Maple surup bombs that was just me making fun of canada. He he its still kinda funny…

Honestly though I really have no problems with canada, you guys are cool.


my dad knows the guy who takes pictures for the local paper, so i got in it for riding a giraffe in the school hallway. Saw another guy communiting on a unicycle in another paper.

Hey, down in the Sates…don’t you get jail time for possesion of pot? heh heh heh


I’m not sure, but maybe they were just talking about the people who don’t have adequate food, etc. Then it would take $17 billion a year for only them and the rest of us would already have adequate food, etc. I’m not sure, it’s just a quote so I didn’t write it. Amnesty International came up with it so I think it’d be pretty accurate.

For all of you Australians out there,

We just had an earthquake here in Brisbane!!! It was apparently at Ferney Grove and only measured 2.6 but it’s the only one I’ve ever heard of. Pretty exciting.

Here’s a report…


p.s. sorry to change the subject.

Imagine how many syrup bombs you could make with $17 billion unless thats in canadian dollars. But if its in US, wow think of all that syrup gooieness. People would really get f#~$ed and have to eat thier way out of the already delicious goo. Canada or rather Uniada would so be pimpin the rest of north america. How cool would that be. Eh.


man, imagine if you dropped the syrup bombs in the summer, all kinds of bugs would start eating the syrup, swarming from everywhere. That would probably be really cool. It would be like the movie, the birds, but with bugs, and probably a whole lot of syrup. whoah. It would be like a bugs life, but with syrup. whoah.

Dylan, proud citizen of Uniada

Re: how to get noticed.

“The money required to provide adequate food, water, education, health,
and housing for everyone in the world has been estimated at $17 billion
a year… about as much as the world spends on arms every two weeks.”

More math skills needed here, that’s about $3 a person a year. Try