How to get membership for unicycle conventions? (UniNats 09)

I just want to make sure if I can pay my membership for entry to UniNats 09 by doing this…

<a href="At an AUS event

Download, print and fill out the AUS Membership application form and bring it, with your payment, to any AUS official event. Note if you are under 18 years of age, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.">

So can I just print out the application form, fill it out and then at UniNats 09 in Woolongong, pay the $25 there?

And just another question about conventions. Say I wanted to do the junior male one foot race and the street or trials comps are on at the same time, is it possible to enter both? Because I noticed on the UniNats 07 timetable it had wheel walk and 1 ft races for juniors etc… the same time the trials event was on…???

I don’t understand your first question. It says to fill out the form and bring it with your payment. Just make sure your parents have signed it if you’re under 18.

If other events overlap with a Trials comp, you probably have enough time to go from one to the other because Trials usually has a big span of time to work all the obstacles. Note that in reality, schedules often don’t happen exactly the way they’re planned, so keep that in mind.