How to fly with a geared 36 with a disc brake

I just wrote up a post on my blog on how I packed my geared 36 with a disc brake without taking the disc or frame off. Check it out. If I get a chance, I’ll copy over some more of the pictures here but for now there is a little preview below on how I protect everything.

Well documented Scott. Like the blog too.

Are the airline fees pretty crazy for schlepping a 36?


And here I thought the steps would be like this:

  1. Ride really fast.
  2. Grab brake rally hard
  3. Now you are flying with a geared 36!

While the bag is technically oversized baggage, it is just barely so. Because of this I have only been charged an oversize bag fee once in all my travels. It still incurs the regular bag fees that most airlines are charging for domestic flights now-a-days.

Well I was talking about flying for at least an hour Corbin. For short flights, the only protection I use is kneepads, gloves, and a helmet. :smiley: