how to.. - flatland battles judgement.

hi there!

my friends are organizing unicycle event and they want to make flatland battles but… as it’s their first competitions they have no idea how to judge it :slight_smile:

can You help?
they are not part of this forum so I decided to ask for them…

what should they think of while organizing this kind of competition?
I know there must be 7 - 9 judges…


I haven’t tried to judge by the real rules, but once me and some friends also did some flatland battles and we just voted on the one we think should win… Of course it’s cooler to do it by the real rules, but if you don’t found out, you could just do as we did :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: I was thinking about it… in the end, if I won’t find anything they’ll jugdge as You did.

but I’d like to get to know ‘real rules’, hopefully someone could help.

Here is a link to the IUF rulebook, the official international flat rules will be in here (Page 39):

what’s really important is to have 7 or 9 judges, and not 8 for example, so that you’re sure you’ll have a winner whatever the votes are

yep, that’s what I meant by 7-9 judges. that wasn’t clear, sorry :slight_smile: thx bobousse.

and thanks a lot scotthue for the rulebook!! this should help A LOT.

Well, i’m no expert judge, nor have i done judging before. but i’d assume a basic kinda “check list” to determine a winner would include the following factors:

Difficulty of tricks
How clean/flow

I think they’d be the 3 major factors to consider.

One thing that I think is cool…

Elliot vs Adrien EUC.

Elliot was first to do the last trick for their battle, he chose Varial fifthflip. He landed first try. Adrien then tried Inward bigflip, which is the direct opposite of a Varial fifthflip (well theres inward fullvarial flip which I guess would be the true opposite, but in my opinion, taking into considering the difference in stances, these 2 tricks are on the same level of difficulty). He landed first try. I think its cool because, its the kind of trick we dont see often from Adrien, Elliot “set” the last trick and Adrien couldn’t beat it because Elliots trick dosn’t suit Adriens stance, so he just busted out what he could on the spot because he wanted to what I call “counter” Elliot’s trick.

If someone sets a combo rolling wrap - inside roll - rolling wrap land then in the next persons turn they do the same combo but add on an extra trick to the combo, they should score extra points. Or if someone does a crankflip and the next person does a double flip. I think these things should be a factor in battles. Adding on tricks like crankflip and doubleflip.

This style of judging gets tricky when you get battles between creative riders that don’t use conventional tricks because tricks that are completely different are hard to compare difficulty. But in the end, I think the main part of judging is combo transitions.

But yeah if you take these things into account, the rules can get very very technical. But these things I’ve mentioned aren’t official, they’re just things I’ve had in mind.