How to fix a fender to my hatchet

Any photo?

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Then I’d suggest to weld something like this to the back of your frame:
You can eliminate the tripod and put it right on that point where the hatchet logo sits. The upper arm can then be tied to the saddle.
Freemounts should be a little bit hard, but for the rest, you shall be fine.


Oh you! Ok, that did make me smile :rofl:

Did you plan with @Eric_aus_Chemnitz to intentionally line that joke up?

Perhaps lie the uni with the fender on the ground and try a kick up mount. Don’t mess it up though or it might be an expensive mistake

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No, but it reminded me of @unibokk:


Maybe I should connect with @unibokk , because mine is a Stratocaster and there should be no difference in fixing them. Maybe he has some photos.

No, but it worked out. Better than expected

Great idea. Maybe I should think of some chords to make the kick-up mount sound great.

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So here is an initial prototype – it still needs some work…

Note that this is the right-hand drive version (with Fender mounted on the ‘passenger side’) which requires a left-handed Fender. For countries which drive on the wrong side of the road (ie. the right) there is the advantage of getting away with the more common right-handed Fender… :wink: Other finishes, as well as the pictured Starburst, could be available.


What kind of music can we expect from you to play while riding?
Christmas songs or more heavymetal / upd style? :grinning:

I think it would have to be some shredding :smile: – not so much Joe Satriani, more the inside of my left leg getting shredded on the strings – not quite so skillful. I’ve a nice little battery practice amp that would fit at the back of the seat, that and a tennis ball on the end of the headstock and it’s pretty much sorted.

Considering your name, itˋs a D-fender.

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Clever… all wheel drive, but not quite so practical. Hopefully Landrover won’t sue…

Ah, i see. Then you mount a plectrum to your kneepad and can play while riding.

:grinning: … might actually sound better than my normal playing.

It doesn’t surprise me that a unicyclist also owns a left-handed guitar. Is there something about our personalities that is attracted to things that are “different”?

Well there is probably a thread of its own there… (and given the wealth of stuff on here there probably is!).

I can’t do much about the left-handedness, it is really pretty strong (back in the day ‘they’ may have tired to beat it out of me,) but the other stuff, the general populace probably just think it is strangeness, eccentricity etc. I’m maybe not in the middle of many typical personality Gaussian distributions(!), as you say that is maybe a trait of folk on here – so perhaps I’m maybe in the middle of the unicyclist distribution (which would make me normal, at least here!) :slight_smile:

Arguably, a left-handed person would show more dexterity on a typically strung instrument, because technique on the fretboard/fingerboard takes more dexterity than holding a bow or a pick or finger picking. On the other hand, the fact that most instruments evolved to left-hand-on-top could have something to do with most people being right-handed.

For muni, I recommend a Kris Holm Starfighter whammy bar extension.


Interesting. I learned to play the organ when I was young, I think that helped a lot with dexterity of my right hand, and also coordination of both hands and feet (well left foot primarily, for pedals).

Nice detail. I can help but think we need to get something to stop the mud from the tyre making a mess of all this stuff…