How to find your dominant foot

I just created a new way that I’m pretty sure hasnt been thought of before, but works phenomally.

I want credit for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here goes: to determine which foot is your dominant foot, all you need to do is get three objects. any objects. stand up. try juggling the objects. If you have prior juggling experience, then instead of three objects try taking just over your limit. if you can juggle seven, take nine. you get the point.

When you start losing control and step forward to catch the falling items, stop, and look at which foot you used.


thoughts? does it work for you?

Another way would be to just stand up straight with your body stiff, and slowly lean forward till you start to fall; see which foot naturally goes out first to regain balance.

talk about the most complicated way to ever figure out the simplest possible problem. For starters, I would say almost anyone will have the same dominant foot to the hand they write with. In addition to that, if you are so disconnected from your own body that you cannot tell which foot you prefer, you probably won’t ever be able to ride a unicycle.

I’m not so sure about that. I have no idea what my dominant foot is, because it changes for whatever it is I’m doing.

Falling = left foot
Driving = right foot
Unicycling = right foot
Running jump = left foot
Chuck Norris maneuver = right foot

Ouch, dude. Ouch. sorry for posting :frowning: I just thought I might be contributing. Sorry to waste your guys’ time.

Yeah sorry I was being kind of a jerk. I still think it shouldn’t be a chore to figure out your Dom foot, especially if you already can ride.

You didn’t waste my time. It made me think about it! Keep posting, ok?:smiley:

yeah, good point. I was just havin trouble figuring it out because it seemed that the harder i concentrated on not paying attention to what foot was moving, the more i willed one particular foot to move. I just needed a distraction. you are correct that I’m preaching to the choir on 95% of the readers of this forum. which i guess begs the question (can I threadjack my own thread?) “how many people reading the posts here can actually ride a unicycle?” there could be hundreds of quiet wannabees watching from the sidelines, reading EVERYTHING we write :astonished:

I think most of the people here can ride since, eather that or they’re learning to ride. and who cares if they read it. it might get them motivated to learn how ride:)

exactly! educating others is an excellent use of this website, whether they can ride or not. they’ll gain appreciation for the sport either way.

Educate others…? PSSSHH!
It’s about gaining dominance over every other beholder of a greater balence.

When I first went snowboarding, someone told me to stand, feet about a foot apart and to look towards the front horizon. Then someone sneaked up behind and puished me between the shoulder blades. The instinct is to move one foot forward to save falling, and that movement is diagnostic and can be used to determine your “footedness”.

Apparently I ride “goofy” footed on both snowboard and snakeboard.

On a unicycle I think you should aim to be ambifootstrous…or bipedalitous: whatever the correct term is.

The juggling thing is doubtful, and would I guess dependent upon which hand threw the bad throw. I doubt that this would be consistent. I have trained myself to drop at a very high level. I am a numbers dropper, and can drop with anything from 3 to 12 balls, and I can do so with either hand equally well. Indeed I can often drop with both hands simultaneously. Not one of these drops has suggested that I am right or left footed. I checked them all.


the thing is if you are juggling and the balls start moving to the right in front of you will want to move your right foot foraward. if its to the left in front you will want to move your left foot forward.

ive heard of it before. we did this in rugby training. you pretty much get pushed without warning and whatever foot you put forward is your dominant foot. i think it only works about 80% of the time.

Go for a run, see which foot you start with each time. That’s how I know, I’m currently trying to make myself start with the wrong foot every other time, just to see if it makes any difference.

It isn’t always the same as the hand you write with or your best juggling hand, so doing things with your hands to find out is likely to complicate matters.


none of those tests worked for me, at least in regards to which foot i prefer in unicycling. i jump off my left, put my right forward when running, etc. i am better at tricks(one foot riding for example) with ym right foot, but vastly prefer my left foot forward for jumping, etc. i also mount right foot back.

for mounting i have left foot back, for idling it’s right foot down, for hopping its left foot back, for kicking a ball it’s right foot

That’s incredibly disturbing… have you been trying to drive with your left foot on the accelerator?

pedalwork - rightfoot
wheelwork - leftfoot

Remember we are on the opposite side of the world where we are opposite including our cars and roads.

Well, driving like a normal person gets boring after a while…