How to find local Uni Clubs?

I’ve done a bit of searching for clubs, groups, or organizations in my area I could get together with, but apparently unicycling is not very hot here at the moment. Where can I find a club (if one does exist) in my area (Portland, Oregon, USA)? If there is not yet a database of uniclubs, I suggest we post here if you belong to one so others can find it. It would be nice to know address, meeting times, maybe the size, and anything else about the club.


I have been looking for the same thing.

Clubs in North America

There is a list of clubs and contact information at the Unicycling Society of America’s website:

Also, take a look atUnicycling.Org for a roster of unicyclists, meets, and organizations.

If you don’t find what you are looking for start your own club. The Unicycling Society of America is working to make it easier to start new clubs with “How To” a pamphlet. I will happily share my experiences in starting our club, the Memphis Unicycle Club (a community club) and the St. George’s Unicycle Club (a school club).

Good luck finding your uni-buddies.


There is also a listing of clubs that have web sites here in the links section. It only lists clubs that I’ve been able to find and ones that have web sites, so it is by no means complete. There are lots of clubs that do not have a web page. For example, there is a club in Corvallis OR that is not listed because it has no web site.

I don’t know of any clubs in the Portland area, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.

just start your own club. then you can be the leader! no really start a club of your own. put up posters and maybe a notice in your lbs(they usually wont mind. then just wait for a phone call or two and go meet your people. since you didnt post your age ill say this…if your a kid bring your parents if you not well then just go have fun.