How to find a Tennis Court to practice on

As a beginner, I’ve found that Tennis Courts are great places to learn to unicycle.
Their smooth and flat and have fences to hold onto and usually a bench to rest on.

THIS link will help locate one near you.

apparently only 3 tennis courts in the whole of Britain!

You can also get on Google maps or GoogleEarth and scan satellite photos around your area - tennis courts are pretty obvious as long as you don’t zoom out too far.

Ummmmmm most any high school or park???

That site is not much help. ‘No’ courts in my town when at least 1 HS has 3 coursts, and one city park has one. Google maps showed me another high school that has six, and some large parking lots. I live in fairly small town so access to schools is generally not limited after school hours.

The court at the City park did not show up very well due to tree cover so google maps is not perfect either.

In google maps you just type in the name of a high school and it will take you right to it.

Thanks for the help, but I’m a bit puzzled.

How do I find my unicycle? Last time I was riding it, it was just underneath my bum, but now it’s gone!

Could you also tell me how to buckle my helmet?

That’s why we’re rubbish at it. There’s probably only 2 football grounds too.


Couldn’t cut a guy with only 4 posts a little slack huh?

Tennis courts ARE the obvious place. However, you might also check out your major sporting ovals for those parallel rails that put people into lines for entry. Good for a few metres and then you are into free space without the asymetry of a fence.

Thanks for noticing.
Pretty rough crowd here. :roll_eyes:

Plenty of friendly people. Maestro is very consistent in the abruptness of his posts, but every now then he nails a topic like few could.

Where’s my Uni?

Dig deep Maestro8, you’ll find it!

:thinking: Let’s see if I have got this right…

  1. Your unicycle was under your bum
  2. You lost your bum
    Ergo, you can’t find your unicycle.

Makes sense to me. You need to find your bum quickly though, before someone takes your unicycle from it. :smiley: