How to fall, like a PRO!

Are you afraid of going big because the falls could be treacherous? Do you fall and get hurt? Well, today I’ll show you how to acheive falls from a nearly 1meter sidehop and completely eat s***. It’s easy, and soon you’ll be hopping like this without fear in no time:

I’ve made a simple diagram to explain how it’s done.

Step1: After reaching the peak of your highop(in this case, nearly 85cm) be relaxed and prepared, Don’t tighten up or you could hurt yourself.

Step 2: Begin decent and let your body relax into a natural position holding, on, while allowing your feet to move freely.

Step 3: Just before the tire touches shove your back foo between the frame and your crenk, while pushing down with your front foot, jamming your back foot into a position where it can’t move.


Step 4: Fall backwards because your foot is stuck.

Step 5: Realise you arent wearing a hemot, unstead, an Interpol hat, and let your skull rebound.

Step 6: Flail your legs and let the uni nail you in the crotch.

If you do these properly, you can end up witht he unicycle flipping wildy about, or having your body do the same:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation of “How to fall, like a PRO!”

All stuntwork, unicycle riding was doen by: Catboy

cool thats a stylish fall

good job!

Thanks for the tips! I try that next time.

Hey, Catboy, I don’t remember ever seeing you fall at Cali MUni weekend last year. Why start now?

thats a funny post

Well, I do love the taste of dirt, but nothing quenches my thirst like a good noggin crackin’.

how’d u flip after falling?
was it a front flip? looks like it

cool stufff, i thought u were serious for a second… haha

haha nice :smiley:
Good advice and style. I’ve not really tried that much, but from what I have jumping on a unicycle on a trampoline is hard.

You look like a cat in the last picture. :smiley: Nice post, man!

It’s a backflip, off the uni, the uni got kicked forwards and out of the way.

I am serious!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

i clicked on and read this thread.

Hah! I win… Harper was betting that you would have no part of this thread whatsoever. But I knew, as a pro yourself, you would not be able to resist.

Me, I fall like an amatuer. And often like an elephant. And, come to think of it, just often.


So far my best fall was when I was up at Whiteface, i got riding to fast, my feet slipped off, I glided for a good ten feet and was launched more than 10 feet through the air and into the dirt. It didn’t hurt one bit, but it was sure fun!

Crashes are fun, unless you get hurt. Theres nothing like flying through the air and getting the wind knocked out of you. I love a good crash.

oh yeah, I agree with that one.

I had a great couple of crashes this weekend at the MUni weekend. You know, the ones where you fall off dramatically w/ 30 people watching, and get up saying “That was FUN!”. This cements into the minds of everyone that you’re crazy.

my best crash this weekend was one where I cleaned a somewhat technical MUni line with a huge hill on one side. the line was in a bend of the trail, so that after coming out of the line I couldn’t turn in time to keep up with the trail. I bailed down an almost-cliff, and ended up landing on my butt with my uni still between my legs. I think I flew about 7 feet down the cliff before I landed and slid to a stop thanks to a rock.

oh yeah, it was fun.

I also must agree…crashes are fun, especially the ones where your just going along and unexpectedly get flipped onto you back and then slide along for ages etc etc
or when your going to fast and your feet just slip off the pedals and you coast for a bit then go flying, as long as they dont hurt crashes are almost the best part! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, they’re fun until you get hurt

i was uniing in a fundraiser (walk/run) and i was going way too fast, got launched off (wearing no pads, it was a 3-mile thing on roads) and landed in a super-duper roll, but my elbow that i rolled on was realllllly sore for a few daysj

a falling question:
i was doing pull gliding w/ my friend about a month and a half ago, and i fell off the back onto my unprotected elbow
it still hurts to the touch in a 1 square centimeter spot (this is 1.5 months after the fall) and it hurts almost as much as when i initially canged it
could the tip of my elbow have a little chip or something?

I doubt it, probally just bruised. I did the same thing hitting the tip of my elbow on a doorknob 2 months ago, it still hurts when I push on it.

I have a silver-dollar hole on my palm and a heel bruise so grevious I gotta walk on my freaking toes. Muni falls onto rocks and shale are no more fun than big rock climbing “screamers.”