how to drop in on a halfpipe

deos anyone know of any tutorials on how to do this? I used the search engine but couldnt find nothing, I thought abotu posting this in the “Tutorial” section but not to many popel visit that compared to this section.

I havnt tried it yet tho. I went to the skatepark yesterday to try it, but i just sat up there for like 10 minutes to get the nervs but i culdnt get it lol, im thinking a tutorila will help hopefully

When I drop in I usually aim to make contact with the quarter pipe or half pipe about halfway down the ramp. Most of it is overcoming your nerves though. Don’t worry about it :).

This isn’t a tutorial, but here’s a video of mine (from back in the day when I thought I would ever get good at street) that demonstrates what I’m talking about.

Hope that helps,


Don’t ride over into it, you can hop down into it a ways and it’s a lot easier. Just jump down, and not out very far.

ok cool thanks guys, yeh that video helped out a little, now i got a idea of how far to hop down onto the ramp.


Actually, that may get me psyched enough to try it. And I’m an old guy.

alrite so heres wat happened

Im sitting up there trying to get the neves to try it and i get on and im sitting there hopping around getting ready to go. and i really come close to backing out and this one kid is all " Look at that kid on te unicycle, hes crazy" and everyone looks so i knew i had to do it lol. So i did it, hurt my kneee pretty bad and put a hole in my pants lol, i only tried once though, i mite give it another try tomorow.

After i did it tho like 5 people came up to me and were all like “dude ur crazy” and they all wanted to tryand ride it lol

The only thing I found you had to worry about was pedalling very fast if the transition is steep or you’re dropping in on a rather large quarter/mini. As folk have said it is easier to jump further out onto the ramp at first.

First time I tried I practically cleared the quarter and only hit the last wee bit of the ramp, I then went backwards and started dropping in further towards the top, now I can sorta just roll off the top of smaller ramps.

Does anyone know the biggest ramp anyone has dropped into, there is a super steep bowl in the Earthbound video that looks to be about seven foot, biggest i’ve seen so far.

the one i tried is 8ft according to my frend,

maybe thats a litle big for my first try :stuck_out_tongue:


commit to it 150%

dont back out or ull pay in flesh.

This comes to my fav saying
When your up there and dont want to get hurt think:

“It doesn’t hurt if you land it”

That helps me a lot

Dude just jump off it, thats all there is to it. If you stick it, well done. If you dont, pick yourself up and try it again. The best way to learn is by trying.

Sorry about posting in an old thread, but there is a new video of someone doing a 12-foot bowl drop.

It’s a really cool drop, but it isn’t new. The video was uploaded to YouTube two years before this thread was made… :):wink:

It’s very rude to just drop in on a halfpipe. You should always call first to see if you’re interrupting anything important.

i lol’d

i might go try dropping in aswell im thinking it might be easier on my muni then street though.

One of the first things I do every time I go to Moab is drop in on the 5’ish half pipe they have there. It’s not hard, it’s all about getting over your fear of it. It helps get me psyched up to try more difficult stuff on the trail

wish i had a vid of me droppin in on this 40ft halfpipe. twas intense, sliding on my tire the first 6-8 feet. good times :wink:

this is my vid
at the start is my drop in, just commit lol. its an old vid btw

this is my vid
its easy if you commit. this was my first try at it :smiley:

That would make it about 3.5 times this size?