how to customize pedals?

okay so what do you guys use to customize your pedals into grinding pedals…what kind of stuff do you use…thanks…oh and how do you make them like that?

WELL everyone here is gonna tell you grind plates… honnestly I think it’s such a waste of money/time… just take a grinder and grind your pins out if u cant just unscrew them…

Here are some pictures of one, they are at the bottom of the page

or go to =p

or do what he said above me =p, just take out your pins or grind them down! muwahahaha!

now I have heard the things on dans comp are not that good…cuz they are plastic so would I be better off welding metal or sheet metal to my pedal? or will that screw it up to much?

the danscomp ones i think are lexan. (i know some lexan ones exist) it’s a super tough plastic and should hold up pretty well.

i wouldnt do that when you can take off your reflectores and have two holes on each side perfect for a screw to go into and keep the plates on that way

He Is Right

I have the danscomp plates. I think they work extremely well.

i have a danscomp plate and it provides a much smoother, faster grind than pin-less snafus and jimmy c’s. it also provents pedal wear and is easy to remove. i put it on for street but take it off for trials because it makes pedal grabbing more difficult.

the lexan is etremely tough, and although it gets scratched it does not get structurally damaged in any way. -i have not tried many gap-to-pedal-grab’s on it though. im sure if it was to snap or crack then that would be how.



well, i`ve been trying and grinding my pins off…
but i really think i’d better stop it, and get myself a grinding plate… fast.
one of the reasons is that, as i dont have one side of pedal that i can see its diferent, i’m f***ing both sides of it…
and that sucks…
oh… i guess plastic slides better, but metal seems to be safer (or slower…)
… yeah…
thats it.

If you grind off the pins or take them out it is really easy to land on the smooth side making it hard to ride out of tricks. If you get the grind plates then it’s weighted enough to not have that problem.

I use cheap plastic pedals with a cromoly axel from some bmx pedals. They slide good, and i wirte grind on one side and pedal on the other to make sure i only wear out one side. They’re good pedals if you don’t have 661’s or just don’t feel like wearing them.

I made some teflon ones a while ago, they were pretty slick.


Yea, that was.

I really did make teflon ones though.

Koebwil What kind of pedals do you ride? and would the dans comp plates fit on the odyssey twisted pedals?

I don’t know, I ride Mosh half steps. Ask danscomp. Give them a call I mean.

Yes they are made out of lexan;)

any pics :thinking:

No, no pictures.