How to create a Tutorial?

I’ve been practicing leg wraps recently for a few days and I’ve almost got it. And I achieved a double some how in the middle. While I was practicing I was thinking of making a tutorial. All the errors came to me while I was practicing and I just felt the smoothness of the trick and how to land it and all. So I was thinking of helping others to make a tutorial (Only once I have mastered it).
Any harm in making a tutorial?
If it is bad I can go delete of youtube and edit it but I feel up to it. I beleive I can explain things and help people to learn the leg wrap. Of course you don’t need a tutorial but I find they help but the method, Go Out And Do It is very good.

I vote yes. I need help on leg wraps.

Ok I will soon. I just wish I could get hold of a video camera instead of a normal 5MP digital camera…

I know how you feel with the camera thing, I wish I had one that wasn’t rubbish, but it isn’t going to happen for a while :frowning:

The tutorial sounds good, go for it… It might help me because I’m moving away from trials for a bit to try out street and flat and that sort of stuff.

Sweet, street and flat is great.

Yea I really want to get hold of a video camera soon.

Also if you could include foot placement, and possible how to move your feet from sif or si, to the cranks.

Yep I should cover everything :smiley: