How to buy a 36" coker-like-uni for less than $350

With the help of DavidP, I ended up with a 36" mostly Coker uni, new, for about $300. If you shop frugally, you could get one for about $315. The biggest money saver is in the frame ($70 vs $155) the tube ($4 vs $20) and the saddle, which can be $80+ if you want something really nice. I am still learning, so I bought a cheapie.

36" Titan frame $70
Oddyssey pedals $10
36" rim wtih hub and spokes, 118
36" button tread tire, 65
36" rimstrip, 2.75
aluminum seatpost, 12

29x2.3 tube, 3.90
Torker unicycle crank, 10-15

Basic saddles run about $26 most places.

how is it holding up?