How to built an handle bar from a b*ke!

Hello! I’ve been asked to make a little plan on how I built my Coker handle bar(see my gallery for the actual picture of it). I finaly did it, I made the plans on paint, the drawings are pretty good so I think I dont really need actual pictures instead of the drawings. Anyway, I put it on because the plans were a bit too big to post directly here. If you will use this plan to make an handle bar, please tell me what you think about my plans and you new custom handle bar!

There’s a bolt at the end of the stem, just tight it to be sure it wont move. This way, I can adjust slightly the lengh of the bar too. I’ll post some pictures of it too tommorow maybe. I think it will be better than the drawings even if they are pretty good.

Very noyce.

Watch out, women’s bikes!

been there done that and I have to say that it works very well.

I don’t have a picture of my original handle but here it is after I swaped out the stem and bike handlebar for the front off a T7

Edit: it was just an old 10 speed road bike, I guess a womens bike would give you a flatter lower angle for the boom.

I did mine with a Women bike, that’s why I said use a women bike. But I’m sure it would work with an old 10 speed bike, the angle may be a little different. I’ll take some photos today if anyone thinks it would be better than the drawings I have now.

How did you attach the seat to the bike frame? And how did you attach the bike frame to the uni frame?

the bike frame just go on the seat like if you are installing your seat into a unicycle frame.

I’m taking some pictures now, I will change the drawings for the pictures I have a “re-post” it here. it will take some times… not alot.

It’ll take some more time, I have some problems with my camera now and I will probably have to make the pictures all smaller that what they are now.

Like Jacob said the seat tube from the bike frame just clamps on to the unicycle seat post like it woud a bike seat post. the bike had an integrated post clamp which is the little bump you see at the back of the handle.

I think i lucked out because the bike frame used a 25.6mm seat-post and my unicycle used a 25.4mm seatpost. Well within practical shimming range.

Some detailed pictures of how you connected everything would be greatly appreciated. Also, how did you construct the actual handles, i.e., the bike handle bar was cut down but how did you attach the shorter pieces to make the places where you grip the device?

I’ll take some detailed pictures tonight, and I’ll make my plans again. Hopefully my camera will work and I’ll be able to do it. (I’ll do it as soon as I can, around 3PM.)


Okay, I dont know how to convert my picture in a smaller size and put them on my plans, so I’ll just post them here. So here they are, if you need other specified pictures of a part just tell me, I’ll take some.

It’s a quil stem. There is a tube that goes down from the stem, the quil, that goes into the extension tube going to the seatpost. At the end of the quil there is a wedge that is attached to a bolt that goes to the top of the stem. When you tighten the bolt the wedge moves against the extension tube, and secures the stem in place. This is the way all stems worked before Dia-Compe introduced the A-Headset.

yup, exactly. Those were the only stem that fitted on my bar… and the only one I had that was collecting dust:P