how to build a tubeless tire?

hey you,

i try to get my 36 nightrider tubeless.
can you give some information how to build this :thinking:

i have taped the spokeholes and a tubeless valve in the rim…but it´s not possible to pump it up even with a strong kompressor…

thanks jogi

You need sealant.

Look up “ghetto tubeless” on google. Lots of how-to guides

In fact, i’ll do it…


thank´s for your infos.

i tryed it yesterday with sealant—no result!:frowning:
may be the nightrider has a to big gap on the nimbus stealth rim :thinking:
afterwards i put a 29" tube on it, it works pretty good…a last 6km before it bursts:( .
the second tube now is on for 14km…


Worked for me with Nightrider tire/Stealth rim.