How To Break A Freestyle Rim !

So here is proof that freestyle unicycles can hop high and you don’t NEED to upgrade to a trials LOL.Just make sure you have a strong rim and pump it up alot

lol that looks very funny xD, nice 7 palletts

lol looks really kl i wish i could jump that high :slight_smile:

Square taper freestyle trials FTW!!! :smiley:

Poor rim :frowning:
FREE FREESTYLE RIMS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Freestyle unis jump high, but only once:p When I saw you were going to do a prehop, I knew it would break!

i guess thats proof but your like an expert and wouldn’t it be harder to get at your level with those rims and tires? lol

I dont think it would be any harder to progress at hopping height on a freestyle you just need a decent rim which i definately did not have

Lol, impressive hop

Cool, 08 uni weekend shirt :stuck_out_tongue:
I think you might need a new uni, aye?

You should’ve dropped he 7 pallets with it:p Really nice hop:)

I would have but i wanted to land the hop.But then the hop after that the rim bent a bit on the takeoff.Then it was impossible so i jumped around on it till it was a right angle.If i can get it to work youll see something funny with it :wink:

Lol awesome


I have a torker lx that i do light trials on, and you just made my day. I was trying to decide whether or not to get a coker of a trials uni, but now i know i can put off the trials uni for a little longer.

get a trials uni because theyre more fun and you get alot more for your money.You can do street,trials and freestyle on a trials uni when on a coker you can only ride road which you could do on a bike anyway