How to break a 16" unicycle...

My third movie =>



Awesome street riding! I was wondering at 1:50 how you went so smoothly form crankgrab to rubber.

Incomplete tutorial.

You never broke that uni.

Thats what I was thinking. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!:wink:

crazy spins. makes me want to buy a 16". But how do you break it?

I broke the cranck. Sorry for my bad English :o

That was awesome! Haha I liked it…But the music…Haha

that was a goos movie.
i enjoyed it.


good. crazy spins. nice movie.

That wasn’t nearly as lame as I was expecting.
Love the unispin drops.
I’m amazed the little thing survived.

but it didnt break…

but nice video nevertheless doing all those tricks on a 16" is impressive!

do you think your high jump improved with a lighter uni?

What a badass video

Good riding and all, but i for one would be more impressed if you rode a 20", due to the fact that they are a bit heavier, and are a little more challenging. i rode a 16 " er, and i could do a 360 unispin. I could never land that before on a 20 "… and i still havn’t mastered it.

Im just saying that it would be more impressive to me, if you rode a bigger, bulker uni, rather than a dinky 16".

Great riding though. that donkey kick mount was splendid.

Thanks for all your coments!

It’s right that I didn’t break it But I can’t ride anymore with because the cranck is in poor condition!

And some tricks are a bit easier with a 16" because it’s lighter (unispins,…) but others tricks (flips,…) are easier with a 20"!

Sorry again for my bad english.:slight_smile:

Good vid. I thought it was going to be just a couple of big drops.

IMO you should have shown that at the end.

I think that was partly the point. I don’t think he could have done a 720 spin on a 20…

That is simply ridiculous, good job.

You don’t have to apologise.
Sick 720 man. I want a 16’.

Me to :slight_smile: