How to brake Twisted PC's

Just went out on a ride today… Having big plans. Broke my pedal on the warmup :frowning:

Not the most entertaining video, but worth seeing nonetheless.

There is a muttered word that some of you may find offensive so heads up.

That sucks.:frowning:
Nice wamup trick.

its break, but good trick anyways.

What? GRRR… I kept on wanting to write break but then I was like “Wait, no this way is spelt brake”. I kept on correcting myself only to figure out my instincts were right all along…

Edit: I at least edited the title of the youtube video. I can’t edit the title of the thread :frowning:

its all good, everyone makes mistakes sometimes
especially w/ IENGLEASHE

Haha that sucks. On the bright side, those pedals are only $11 at most bike shops.

Yeah, I’m not too concerned about price. I was just in such a fearless riding mood though… I felt like I could land anything and my pedals just broke right away…

Maybe you could carry an extra pair around with you for such circumstances?

This is the first time I broke twisteds though… I have bent them and have worn them out but they were never unrideable…

Edit: Oh by the way, there was a chunk already missing from the pedals. It was a small chunk missing that I had discovered after practicing outfifithflips in my driveway.

Yeah it’s pretty impressive that you broke them actually. Those things are pretty damn strong for plastic pedals. I used to pedal grab concrete with them all the time…but that wore down the pins too quickly.

You need to learn how to put on cloths. You don’t have your shirt on, you have about half of your boxers showing, and have a crooked hat. You need some lessons. Sick trick though.


Yo, give me a break about the shirt. I sweat WAY to much.

And boxers kinda go up no matter what…

I don’t have an excuse about the hat I’m afraid :p.

I broke lower quality pedals in the same spot(on flat ground :thinking: )-but the twisted PC’s are tough.

Congratulations :roll_eyes:

Oh, and pigs on unicycles: If you’re going to be judgmental, learn how to spell “clothes.” I know it’s a tough word, but it’s useful.

I made a very similar video about a KH handle, and I named it the same thing, and I also made the same spelling mistake. I realized it and changed the name on the youtube video but it was still spelled wrong in the actual video.

Cool video, it’s sweet that you still landed the trick.

if you’re getting another pair of twisteds get these.

Thanks, but I think I’m going to go for the new Animal Hamiltons… They look nice and are about .3 oz lighter from what I recall.

Lol. Me and pele are twins. But his hat is slightly more tilted.


i broke mine jumping off some pallets

lol that was a good one.