How to be cool...

Next time you see someone riding a unicycle, say: “Oh man a Unicycle! Cool! Is it hard to ride? Can I try?” Then get on and ride seat-in-front or something. After you have wowed them with your seemingly miraculous instant mastering of the unicycle, ask them: “How long did it take you to learn?” Then ride away with their unicycle.

yeah hes right stealin ppls stuff is stupid…
people like that deserve to be shot and hung upside down by earlobes till they are ripped off their head then hit with a tube sock full of wood screws till their intestine show…

Whats wrong with publicly humialiting someone and then nicking his unicycle? As long as its not your unicycle I don’t see the point.

I have always wanted to do that to someone (minus the stealing of the uni)

I have only ever seen somebody with a unicycle, that I didn’t know, once. But I couldn’t pull this trick because i was also riding my uni. So we just talked for a while and I taught him to hop up stairs.

I only saw another person riding while I wasnt once. I was in my friends car and we couldnt stop. It would have been cool cause he had a pretty bad uni and didnt seem all that good… but I missed it.

+1, sounds like a realy nasty thing to do

you know what would really be cool? Getting the new riders phone number or setting up a ride sometime.

I think the general consensus is that your idea is REALLY bad.

Right on!

I was not being serious.

i think he was exaggerating by saying to ride off with it, i mean, you wouldn’t actually take it… you would just ride around the corner and then come back and say “cool, you should practise some more, i think i might buy one of these myself!”

yeah but i hate people who steal things…

I had the experience of a stranger kid asking to try my unicycle, then he ran off with it.

I stayed cool while he ran off, and luckily he was just trying to get me to chase him.

It was pretty funny once I got my unicycle back, but I didn’t let him know that. (He didn’t know that I was about to panic as he was getting too far for me to catch up, when he stopped.)