How to arrange an indoor riding location...

How does someone go about lining up an indoor riding location? There are many local schools that might work out great but I have to think they would all be very hesitant to allow unicycles on their nice gym floors! Even with assurances about plastic pedals etc., I couldn’t blame the administrators for being uncomfortable with the idea. Are there liability issues that have to be dealt with up front? Is there a fee involved? How can they safely unlock a school for your group to use the building? Are there other options besides schools? As I think about the details it seems overwhelming. :thinking:

I’d be interested in any information you all can provide about your own indoor riding agreements and how you or your group were able to make it work.


Take over a juggling club.

Thats what I’ve been doing the last few times. I found a juggling club meeting every Wednesday, and I’ve been going there and bringing more and more unicyclists every time, MUAHAHAHH!

Gym rental fromn school board

Our Toronto club has been renting weekly gyms for years. Schools always rent out their gyms for clubs like boy scouts and stuff for a fair price.

We have had difficulties about floors and insurance. The school board was very bad at handling both issues. We acquired group insurance (expensive and hard to find), and have dealt with marks on the floor with a tennis ball on a stick to rub off marks.

It would be difficult to get a gym if it is just a couple people who want to ride casually, having a club with paying members makes it happen. It is totally worth it though for winter riding.


Other locations… depends where you live.
some ideas- not all these may exsist in your locale

Village hall, community hall. leisure centre sports hall , church hall, school gym, school dining hall. Arts centre studio space. under ground car park, multistorey car park( may b cold, also not popuar with car owners). Pub function room with hard floor.
You may well have to pay to use an indoor space, most spaces will need lighting and heating paid for at last, maybe a care taker locking up after you as well.

I just use the gym at my church. The building is usually open 3-4 days a week(besides sundays) for other activities and the gym is usually not being used so I just use it all the time.