How they sell the KH20 in Bike shops

Well, when I found out the KH20 (basic model) was in a local bike shop, that was by being contacted by said shop because they knew we had uni club. (that was pretty smart of them)

Having never set foot in the shop, today when I needed a few things (while riding my now put back together Coker :slight_smile: ) I brought it into the shop.

They had the KH20 in a work stand to display it.

The first thing the employee said to me was, ‘Hey check this out, it’s the same unicycle Kris Holm rides!’

‘No he doesn’t, he only had input on the design, his is a lot better, his cranks cost more than this thing’
(not knowing if Kris’s only connection to the uni is having his input on the design, I figured this would be close enough)

He quickly shrugged it off, with a ‘I can’t believe the stuff that guy does! I saw that video of him riding that skinny rail!’

when he was cut off by another employee…

‘Pssh, he has a 3" tire on that thing, it folds over either edge of the rail and pretty much keeps him upright’

All this time, I thought it was Kris, but it’s just his tire. Now to find a super high rail because I now have a 3" tire!

I have a 3" tire and I can tell you there is just no way I’m getting up on a high skinny rail.

I for one am glad to hear that some bike stores are starting to sell something other then Torkers thanks for the new.

gee, I have a three inch tire too. I guess I should comence with the 12 foot drops. That’s a funny story, Sofa. Thanks

I wouldn’t get too worried by what a bicyclist says about unicycling. Remember he or she is still riding with a trainer wheel. If he/she sat on a unicycle on top of a skinny bar you can be sure of the outcome and it wouldn’t be riding along the bar no matter how fat the tire is. If I was to ride along a line on the ground I doubt I could keep my unicycle perfectly straight. I can ride along a 4-5 inch strip like the edge of the curb, but anything less than that would be pushing my luck. After seeing Kris balancing on that bar his arm and body movements look very precise and delicate and graceful. My flinging arms to regain balance (in far less challenging conditions) look very clumsy and random in comparison. You are lucky to have any decent unicycles in your local Bike shop at all. The best New Zealand has to offer is those nasty taiwanese ones with feeble axles and rims. I paid US$300 to have a fat one imported from America, which is more than the price of three cheap unicycles from the local bike shop.