How the hell can you ride in jeans!?!?!

In some videos i have seen people doing street in jeans how the hell can they do that?? I rode in jeans once and will neva ever do it again!!

I like to use bike shorts under the jeans. If you don’t wear jeans, what do you wear??:stuck_out_tongue:

are we talking like the padded kind? Do they work well? I was thinkin about getting some of those, but i wasnt sure if they’d help much. Im fine with wearing what ever on small trials rides, but im gettin some moderate saddle soreness as i start to go for distance cross country and stuff.

I used to ride in jeans all the time, as long as I had bike shorts underneigh. The problem I had was wearing through the jeans too quickly.

I don’t get it. What’s wrong with wearing jeans on a unicycle? It’s not a problem for me.

I think riding with jeans is fine, I do it all the time. otherwise I use some of those super long shorts that go halfway down your shins.

i ride in jeans all the time. well either like jeans, cords or dickies. i have no problem at all. but then again, i dont ride for long periods of time. i just get on to do a trick, and i dont really sit on my seat, mostly stand up to get ready for the trick.

It’s a matter of how long you stay in the saddle. I suppose a bit of trials, hopping about with the seat out in front, and stopping for a Coke every so often won’t be too bad in jeans. I wouldn’t want to do any distance without cycle shorts and leggings. It’s the seams in the jeans which cause the problem.

move your feet in circles using the pedals to make the wheel spin, while making sure your center of gravity is over the balance point.

I’m fine with unicycling in jeans as long as it’s winter. It’s just to hot here in summer to do that.

Yes they work really well and are a must in my opinion for rides over half an hour. They’re particularly perfect for distance riding and muni, but also for trials if you’re doing pretty long riding sessions and your style involves sitting down occasionally (eg. rail riding, etc.) so I guess they’d also be good for street. But I’ve never done street.


I find riding in jeans screws me up heaps. They always get caught on any bit of the unicycle that sticks out.

I ride in jeans occasionally and I don’t find they screw me up at all. Most of the time I ride in denim shorts (pretty much jeans except they’re short, well they’re still pretty long and I do bag them a little so they’re well past my knees) and if you guys are talking about getting really sore legs from it then… Not a problem for me. You just gotta build up resistance, like you do for everything. Hopping hurts your hand hell heaps if you go away for like 2 weeks and come back (don’t wear your glove) but in time resitance builds back up again. The best way to avoid this pain is ride more, and ride through it. Yeah I know it hurts but you gotta be willing to do it :smiley:

Yes i too dont have any problem with jeans in winter time. In winter time I usually ride with jeans or cords. In the summer time i where shorts but i have to usually fold them up a little because I dont like it when they go beyond my knee and i start to sweat cause then they stick to me and I have trouble but with jeans and cords this doesnt happen except i dont usually go on very long rides ase i can imagine it would get pretty uncompotable in jeans after a few miles. Wow yet another sloppy post i really need to work on my english.


Which brings me to wonder, what was the original reason for the confusion?

It’s not so bad with a nice saddle. However, on a savage or a CX seat, the seams in the crotch are too much for me.

I ride in swim trunks. They’re light, relatively seamless, and cheap. Not to mention after a hard ride, you can dive into the pool, the lake, something.

i ride jeans sometimes don’t really have much else to use when its too cold for shorts

Aaron Anderson took it one step further and rode on a 36" solid tire unicycle for about 12 or so miles, up and down some pretty steep hills, over pretty rough roads, etc. And he hadn’t ridden in years. He was like telling us “You call this exercise?”