How Tall Are You?

im 5’2’’ and i think im growing atlast lol being short annoys me

Don’t feel a thing. I can glide, one foot ww, ww, sideways ww a few strokes. It’s just in your mind.


5’6" Damn I feel short :frowning:

I’m 6’
I think its a good height for everything.

Yeah, I feel that my height becomes a bit a disadvantage for unicycling. It makes it a little harder to balance, trying to control all that extra body.

90.2m yep I am tall for 11…


I have to cut down the seatpost when I get a new unicycle, and I probably couldn’t comfortably use cranks longer than 150mm on anything, but neither is a major annoyance.

thinking of cutting my seatpost a bit as it is currently as low as it can go, but still not very low and it wont matter if i cut a little more off it.

i’m 5’4". the first thing i do when i get a new uni is whip out the old pipe cutter so i can ride :wink:


Abe Lincoln said that… (pedals=ground)

strictlyone : How’s your height help you in muni?

Me? 5’11" It works for me.

Also body type… skinny, large frame , etc might be a bigger factor.

25.4 millimeters shy of a fathom.:smiley:


though it is annoying to be tall, proportions are more important than overall height.
When seated at a table people tend to think I am tall … but when I stand up I am just the average size :smiley: (that’s the problem with the “bear look” :o ).
So I have to cut just every seat post … the good thing being that my center of gravity is probably low!