How Tall Are You?

just wondering how tall you are, and if you think it helps/hurts your unicycling

Im 6’2’’ and i think it helps me for MUni but hurts me for wheel walks.

Well i’m 5’3" and i prefer unicycles like the coker and 29ers. I’m more the speed freak type person and i love it. :smiley:

I’ve tried others types but am more happy with the speed riding/commuting.

182cm and and still growing at the rate of 1cm per month. I’ll probably stop growing soon :P.

I’d say taller is better for trials, especially hopping high. Other than that it probably doesn’t matter?

O and I can’t see why being tall is a bad thing for wheel walking.

My legs are just long enough to reach the pedals.

I am 6’4" and have the issue that most unis are designed for smaller people. E.g. finding long enough seat posts that still provide some stability is a problem. Or long neck frames actually are not so long for my size.

Then lots of skills become more challenging as the center of gravity is higher compared to smaller riders.

Im 6’2" and I can 1ft ww, ww, glide, sideways ww and stand up ww. I dont feel my hight disadvantages me. wwing takes alot of time to master, dont be put off and dont blame it on your height :smiley:

i just feel like my knees are too high and my feet are too big when ww

I’m 182cm (still growning slowly) and I would say it helps my trials.

Wow, what a coincedence, mine too!!

I’m 168cm and a pipe cutter is an essential unicycle tool. :smiley:

I’m 187cms-ish.
I don’t really feel like I suck at unicycling because of that. It doesn’t really help me either

5’11" :slight_smile: (I used to be 6’8", but, well you know…all those big drops!;))

i ride with my seat really really low as if a midget were to be riding it.
edit:I used to be 7’11" but then the man inside the store told me to get off my giraffe.

i’m 5’ 4

5’8 and still growing :stuck_out_tongue:

1.014 fathoms.

0.00845959596 furlongs (or 5’ 7"). I think its decent for street as it keeps me nice and compact however I see it as a disadvantage in muni. When you are taller you are able to use longer cranks which is definitely beneficial.

I’m currently 168cm… Not to tall!

5,8/9" i dont find any dissadvantages =/

190cm, 6’3" approx

…helps/hurts ?