how strong is the 20" pashley muni?

title says it all really
is the uni im on about
Ali :slight_smile:

You don’t mention how old you are, how tall you are, or how good you are. Had you, it would be easier for people to give you good advice.

I bought a Pashley 20" muni for my son when he was 8 years old, and it served him well in the Northwest woods, as well as at Moab. He was getting big for it at age 13, and by 14 he was done with it.

“Strength” is a relative concept. Certainly for a kid riding general muni and not doing huge drops, the Pashley could be described as “bombproof”. It takes a lot of abuse and has a pretty rigid frame. But on the downside, it has lollipop bearings and square-taber hub/crank setup. Not as strong as splined if you’re doing big gaps or drops.

The seat is horrible. Miles had to switch to a miyata saddle then was reasonably happy. Glad to see the “now with improved tyre”. The default tire that came with my son’s was useless for offroad. The generous Unibrier hooked him up with a knobby, and it’s on there still and holding air 7 years later.

Sentimental favorite, but there are better 20" rides on the market now.

I have a Pashley 26" Muni and it’s pretty indestructible. Heavy, but indestructible. Of course, I don’t do 30’ drops on it.

I have a KH24" too for comparion, and the KH is many times better.