how strong are the koxx freestyle wheelsets?

yea, I can get one for pretty cheap. Is it worth getting it? (i.e, will I break it doing freestyle and flatland riding?)

bump (sorry Gilby)

I don’t think you will break anything doing freestyle. You are only 70 pounds.

The koxx riders ride them, they do a large veritety of tricks, sideloading the wheel, pounding it, and twisting it. If it holds for them, it will hold for you.

yea u wont break it… u could ride a 1cm wide rim and not break it… ur mini

Felix Dietze bent his wheelset pretty badly, but I think that could happen always when you ride such a light wheelset.

for freestyle, any wheelset above entry level should be quite durable. I dont see any reason why the Koxx one’s wouldnt be able to put up with most of the things you dish out to it.