How steep can you Muni?

I recently found a park nearby my crib, set just back from the ocean near the Venice (calif.) pier. The park is maybe 150 yards long and 40 wide with a lawn groomed and flawless as a putting green. Spilling onto the lawn is a hillside about 50-60 feet high and in spots, reaches 50-55 degrees, with some ever steeper sections when the slope drops over ledges and off knolls. This is a great and really fun Muni training ground, and we’ve worked out maybe 20 lines down the slope, which in a few places features a a lip at the very end and sometimes a 2-5 foot drop resulting in countless faceplants and rag doll tumbles onto the lawn (frequented by lounging bums, rummies and grifters, sleeping it off).

We’ve started to move into the even steeper sections, where your legs have to spin like a bee’s wings to keep up with the momentum. Wild crashes are frequent on the super steep runs. Straight terrain ain’t so bad, but flying off ledges and trying to roll out high speed drops onto super steep terrain is very hit and miss for us. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever really get this.

Just how steep can folks go on a Muni? We’re getting grass stains on our face that last a week.

I’ll try and get some video while the big crashes are still happening.


Sounds great.Get pics and video so we can all gawk at it.

I think the limit of radability depends on the terrain and uni. On granite with a brake you can go really steep (55-65 degrees, sometimes), but on grass that limit drops. I have no idea what the steepest thing I’ve ridden is, since from the top everything looks mad steep, but then from the side or bottom it looks like nothing. They eye generally makes things seem steeper than reality.

Slickrock, which has a sandstone-like surface, is probably one of the grippiest natural surfaces you can ride on. The name comes from shod horses slipping on it, not rubber tires. It wouldn’t be fair to compare ridden angles on slickrock with those on grass or other materials.

As far as downhill is concerned, I’ve done vertical. It’s only a matter of how far. If you really want a traction or rideability test, compare riding uphill.

Yes,slickrock was awsome!I couldnt believe some of the stuff I was riding up and down.