How solid is the k1 XTP (frame/wheel set/hub/cranks)

How solid is the k1 XTP?

(questions in red)

Okay, i searched, but it seems like theres a lot of controversy on it. They’re on sale, so they are abou $430 each, cheaper than a kh 08, but shipping will be a bit of money easily.

so anyway

Is the frame prone to breaking easily? I know the entire thing is CNC’ed, but can it break? i heard JH cracked his crown, but how much wear must it go through for that?

How weak are the “light” cranks that are on it? Its isis light cranks on the reinforced hub. How much will it take to bend/break them? How big of drops can i do with them? I know in Fabien’s video - Zen Junkie, hes riding an XTP, and he does some really sick drops.

I dont really care about info on the seat or post, if i break it, i can weld it or replace it.

oh also, how much would shipping cost you think? $200?

anyway, thanks.

KH’s are way better built then K1.

Plus the KH20 frame can be used for anything, where as the XTP is like only trials specific.

KH fo’ sho’.


I’d like to learn stand-up ww, and the nimbus frame (pretty much the same as the xtp, shape-wise that is) but the frame is really bad. The KH is right there next to the tire.

Also, the KH is better all around.

Though I’ve never tried an XTP or a KH, I just using other’s opinions and pictures.

uh, who knows if the frames break… mostly sponsored riders (i think) use them.
they prolly can’t say if they break something

Not really…

no its not…
if the koxx comes w/ street rim… its much stronger,

the hub is better, never heard of a problem w/ that other than it only uses koxx cranks… or used to.

Okay cool. Sounds alright.

I’m a trials specific rider. I have my current tank of a unicycle to use for street or anything else if need be.

I know its a trials specific uni (therefore it should be really good), but how well does it do at trials compared to a kh?

edit: explosionsq, i think he meant the nimbus round crown maybe? or he thought i was talking about a frame like the devil or something.

My bad, I was thinking of this frame

When a K1 has a street rim, it adds quite a bit of weight.

The 08 KH rim is a lot stronger than the 07.

Also, how can a K1 hub be better? The KH and K1 hubs flanges bend, and I don’t think anyone has bent/broke a KH hub.

Not if you go the titanium route :wink:


uh yes someone has before. I remember someone was telling about it in a past thread, about whether the quax was stronger than the kh.

I dont break posts, i dont need a long neck, so

which one is better at trials?


The K1 hub and cranks will bend.

Well, that’s my opinion.


well, if thats so, how can JH or FM beat the hell out of theirs?

i have not seen anything saying k1 flanges bend, so i was thinking that they didn’t, or at least not as extreme, or as often… nobody has bent/broken the koxx hub either… so if anything they are equal (assuming the rumor i’ve heard about the koxx hub accepting different cranks is true).

i would much rather have a bit more weight than have a broken uni after a few months… and i understand that the 08 is stronger than the 07, i’m just saying the koxx is stronger than both.

isaac, show pictures or threads where you have seen koxx hubs OR cranks bending, i’ve never heard of either.

they are both sponsored…

I’m sure theirs are bent. Just because something is bent, doesn’t mean it’s not rideable.

Jacob Flans (jaco_flans) bent his K1 cranks. Nathan Tappin (ntappin) has bent his K1 flange.


i know, but ive never seen a broken xtp though. Or have i… I have no clue, i cant remember if ive seen one or not, but i know ive seen video of broken kh’s.

edit: Jon atwell has broken his KH, Chris Huriwai has broken his KH, Max Rainey (anyterrain) has broken his KH.

let alone those are all frame breaks, but what ev.

which cranks?
1 bent flange…

Joe and Mark are Hitting 130 in highjumps, they are gods, they are Sick at trials, they both hit up 5-10 ft. drops, You are not going to anithing of that, You, are probably hitting 80ish cm in highjump, drops probably not over 5ft, + yout 15!

I simply dont see the point in investing in a Xtp.

If I remember right, No-one has killed off a 08 KH frame . It wont happen soon.


well, i’m planning this coming summer to try and get my highjumps over 100 easy. Ive got my current jumps at around 90 or so i think? I never count, but i can do some crazier stuff.

i plan to grow in trials far more this coming summer.

actually, the cranks on the currentl xtp they have are “Light”, with reinforced hub.