How should I get a UW?

I am planning on getting an ultimate wheel sometime in the future. Does anyone know where I could get a good deal?

Also, I am getting a new unicycle soon, so would there be any way to turn my old 20" into one?

If anyone has any pointers about Ultimate Wheels, please tell me. I’m new to them, and really excited.

how to make an ultimate wheel out of an old unicycle:
step 1: take frame off wheel
step 2: learn to ride your new ultimate wheel

not queit the same because the pedals are farther away from the wheel, but that does work, but i think it is a little harder

Besides the pedals part, are there any other downsides to turning my uni into a UW?

Afterwards, could I change it back?

All you’re doing is taking the frame off. All you need to do is put the frame back on.

It is a lot harder to ride with cranks on. I can ride a UW 24 forever, the one on that site. But I can’t even take 2 pedals on a cranked UW. Spend the money the money on an actual UW.

Your probably not gonna spend too much time using it, so i would just take the frame off your old uni
But… I have no experience with ultimate wheels… :smiley:

Yeah, with the frame off the uni, its not like a UW at all. SO much harder.

Give it a shot though, and wear shin guards, cause I know perfectly what is gonna happen to you. Muwahaha.

Umm, if you really want, there was an UW I saw on some site a while back, with the hub modded so the cranks fit inside the spokes, and the pedals would screw in and be right on the outside of the spokes.

Judging on what you guys have told me, I’ll just buy one. Does anyone know a good deal online?

Buy one from the 20 being the hardest to learn, the 28 being the easiest.

I think you should atleast try making one. all you need to do is take a frame off. if you don’t like it you can put it back on then decide to buy one. if you do like it, then you just saved a bunch of money.

or if you really want to, make a homemade UW 36er like this one. :smiley:

I made one out of bits I had lying around- can’t ride it at all though. Bloody difficult!

I went into a bike shop and asked for a knackered 26" wheel.

Chopped all the spokes, cut a disc of plywood to fit inside the rim and then screwed through the spoke holes into the plywood. Plenty of rim tape and then you are ready to fit the tyre…

The hard bit is mounting the cranks to the wood.

I bodged it. It is ugly but it works.

The critical thing is to get the pedals as far inboard as possible- using a unicycle without a frame is just a recipe for a broken ankle in my opinion.

Were I to do it again (unlikely considering I can’t ride the bugger)
I would put the extra effort in and make up plates to screw onto the wood and weld mounts for the pedals onto.

I believe that there is someone out there who sells plates to do just this but I couldn’t find them at the time.

I think it probably cost me about £15 in bits. Definitely worth trying the DIY route before splashing loads of cash for a nimbus one.

You can buy the plates from if you can’t find someone local to weld some and cut a pedal thread for you (remember the the left pedal needs to be reverse threaded).

Homemade ultimate wheels are much cheaper but the wooden center makes them really heavy compared to the Aluminum wheels you can buy.

If you are making one from an old wheel it is best to use a 26" or 700c with a smooth/road tire for learning on as the knobbly tires can dig into your leg.


1) That’s not a bad idea actually.
2) I wonder if titanium is a good choice considering they are built tough. The only problem is, would it be heavier??
3) I think this would be more appropriate i think.