how should I clean my 661s?

My 661s smell like rancid butthole, please tell me how to get them smelling all nice and flowery. I have tried Febreze, cologne, and a good old fashioned scrubbing. None of it works. I wear the veggie wraps if that helps. Also same request, but for KH gloves.

I think everyone has this problem and I doubt there is any clear solution, I would try washing them with some of that stuff that is supposed to kill absolutely everything. I have actualy managed to keep mine pretty nice smelling by airing them out really well after each ride. I leave mine lying flat out on my pingpong table for as long as possible so as to completely dry quickly.

This is for my 4x4’s just so you know

Instead of washing/rinsing/scrubbing/etc., just try to let them soak in hot water and maybe lysol, or laundry detergent, or soap.

Or you could even try to put them in the top compartment of your local kitchen dishwasher; I do this with hats all the time, and I mean, plastic is dishwasher safe.

Not completely sure about the velcro, though…

Will that shrink them at all maybe? Mine are perdy rancid too, but I don’t want them to get any smaller than they already are…

I just take them in the shower with me when I clean up. Leave them laying at your feet and let the soapy water run onto them. Rinse them off before you get out of the shower and let them “drip-dry”. I do this every so often and it gets the smell out without harsh detergents or scrubbing


throw them in the wash and let them air dry afterward DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR DRYER heat + plastic = no good. I’ve washed my pads a few times when needed and they are fine, this may not be the best way to do clean them but its sure the easiest.

when mne get nasty i just take them in the shower with me.i make sure to rinse them very well at the start and end of the shower. i just leave them at the end of the shower to get sprayed when i’m not. that rinses most the sweat and gunk out. the soap that gets on them should get the rest. and a good rinse at the end get the soap out and any leftover gross stuff. if they still don’t smell good, try a little rubbing alcohol and let them air dry for a couple days or some febreeze.

Re: how should I clean my 661s?

I put my 661 4x4’s, and also my G110’s, in the washing machine
occasionally, at the gentle program (“wool” or so). Last time I forgot
to add detergent but it didn’t seem to matter much for the result.

duct tape

I’m not sure what Chuck Norris does, but I just throw mine in the washing machine on hot water with the normal amount of laundry detergent. Not the dryer, though, of course, just let them air-dry.

i use the shower method…its just killing 2 birds with one stone…then drip dry over night and your ready to go again,

Why not just phone 661 and ask them what they advise for cleaning them. They have a toll-free number

They have ben quite helpful when I have contacted them, but they are not very good at replying to emails


Like Chex and U-Turn, I have machine washed my 661’s several times with normal laundry detergent. I usually do my gloves, hydration pack (bladder removed) and shoes in the same load. The 661’s and hydration pack are almost dry when they come out of the spin cycle. The gloves I hang and the shoes can be dried over a furnace register or in the sun. I want to smell nice for my riding partners and they do appreciate it.