How should I choose?

How does somebody decide which kind of unicycle to buy when they all seem awesome?

right now I am thinking about getting either a 28in cruiser, 20freestyle, or spending some dough to fix my broken giraffe.

we need a unicycle exchange program or something. try it before you buy it.
Kansas City doesn’t seem to be a mecca for unicyclist activities.

I ramble now…

Well what kind of uni do you already have? That should aid in your descision.

I have a 24in miyata deluxe, and a broken torker tx.

Oh ok…Well try to decied what you use your current uni for more. If you like to zip around alot and dont have heaps of time to practice then the 28/29er is the way to go. If your content to just mosey along and have lots of spare time then the freestyle is the best bet. And if your a performer then the Giraffe is the obvious choice!

I usually think about, if I buy a new unicycle, what will I use my old one(s) for? Your Miyata Deluxe is fine for freestyle tricks (assuming you’re not competing at a national level or anything), so I would get a 29er before I’d get a 20" freestyle. You can’t ride long distances on your 24" (at least, not without pain), but you can do freestyle on your 24".

The giraffe is worth putting money into only if you’re performing.

I think the real question is what order to buy. I like every type of riding, but as we all know unis are pretty specific to riding style. here are the ones I am looking at now. 28er
longneck nimbus
hookworm freestyle

The next problem is I can’t really test any of these since I have to order them sight unseen from UDC, so I can’t be sure of comfort best crank length etc…

heres the thing that I did

  1. find out the unis that you want _/
    2.find out what you want in a uni x
    3.find out what the unis do x (eg 29er distance)
    4.make your disision based on these facts x

Really? I didn’t think it was that obvious… tell us about how you use a giraffe for your performances, trials_uni! Why would a performer like yourself recommend a giraffe over anything else? :roll_eyes:

it looks cool, about as cool as riding a 2" normal unicycle